eBay vs Real HKS Blow Off Valve

Unboxing Real HKS from Japan vs eBay ones.

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17 thoughts on “eBay vs Real HKS Blow Off Valve

  1. its like comparing a michelin tyre to a ling long tyre, they both appear to be the same but when it comes to reliable performance the genuine article will always come out on top, the only reason the reps work well is because they copied a perfect design lol, having boost pressure holding the bov shut is genius, and the sound is so unique, it reminds me of the 90s, thanks hks!
    i wish you would have opened them up to compare the internals, maybe for another video ? also, the weight test was a new one for me and that alone projects the quality of each, nice video!

  2. What a waste of time bro. Sorry but you got raped!!!!.. both of those silvers looked the same tbh. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Awesome video, I ordered one that I'm skeptical about. I'll be using this as a side-by-side to make sure I don't get jipped!

  4. Thanks now I know I’m a victim to the fake BOV, been running fine either way but of course Im going to go find the real thing now 👍🏽

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