EPIC DAILY CARRY: Brown Buffalo Conceal v.3


0:01 Chase’s Watch:

0:20 GoRuck GR1:

0:56 Roost laptop stand
Nexstand (cheaper, not as good!)


1:22 Camelback Chute Water Bottle

1:59 26L Conceal Backpack v3

6:50 Brown Buffalo Bag Making Workshops:

8:27 Topo Wind Jacket:
(great little jacket for fitting into smaller bags that looks clean and performs great)

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Can’t believe you’re watching one of my videos! In case I never see you again… good luck out there. #biglove


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More from their website:
Conceal Backpack 19L US V3 – CORDURA® Black Nylon Ballistic
Our Conceal Backpack 19L is issued with unrivaled craftsmanship, sewn in our Costa Mesa workshop (Made to Order). We start taking order on the first of each month, once we’ve met our capacity we will stop sales for that month.
Field-tested from the streets of Tokyo, Japan to the coastal regions of California. A well-considered interior, a compact exterior, and a slim profile to conceal what’s inside-all designed to make time spent in transit a little easier.
Updates for 19L
* We’ve updated the following features based off feedback
* We’ve added back the mesh pocket
* We’ve updated the main material to CORDURA® Nylon 1050D Ballistic Material
* Added a removable Porterpen Pouch
* Added a removable laptop sleeve, neatly fits tablet or 15″ (381mm) laptop, this also works as a shoulder bag with removable shoulder strap.
* Added a sternum strap
* Added 2 webbing latch points on gusset (sides) of backpack
* Added a stash pocket on the back panel
* Changed the bottom of the bag material to Ballistic Nylon
* Adjusted the shoulder strap placement to fit variety of body sizes
* Updated the main zipper to reversed YKK coil zipper. Based off feedback the waterproof zipper was hard to open and not needed in most settings.

* Options for Interior Colors: We’ll follow up with an email to confirm.
* All Black
* Charcoal / Uniform Orange
* Coyote / Moss Green
* Concealed side zip pocket sized for quick access your passport or cellular device
* Stash pocket on back panel
* 2 webbing latch points on gusset (side) of backpack
* Adjustable Sternum strap
* Durable grab-all handle with a small drop for a tight hold
* Reinforced critical points for resilience to wear and tear
* Laser engraved hypalon label
* Luggage sleeve on the backside for travel
* Removable Porterpen Case
* Removable laptop sleeve, neatly fit tablet or 15″ (381mm) laptop, this also works as a shoulder bag with a removable shoulder strap
* Pen slips
* Second slip pocket for a A4 notepad or drawing book

source: https://noviway.com

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26 thoughts on “EPIC DAILY CARRY: Brown Buffalo Conceal v.3

  1. Hmmm. Ruddy? That means red. Maybe rugged? In any case, love your reviews, I've been watching since the beginning, and I ordered this bag from your link! Keep it up!

  2. I’ve been using a version of this for a year and I love it. I was a little aggressive with a zipper and they had amazing customer service and rebuilt my entire bag with a better zipper. Also, totally agree about having an upper shelf in the front outer pocket.

  3. The Conceal V3 looks like a fancy version of the Mystery Ranch Kletterwerks Summit. My current daily carry and a sweet heart of a bag! Thanks for the recommendation on the Summit, Chase!

  4. Hey Chase, y'reckon you could talk about that little laptop pouch a bit more? How secure and protective is it? I get that you can 'suspend' it by putting it above the bottom of the bag but is it padded and will it offer protection from, say a stainless steel water bottle or the metal head of my Joby gorilla pod? That pouch thing just seems like such an afterthought from Brown Buffalo which doesn't make sense given his resume so there must be a reason. I'm just hesitant on putting my $4K 15'' MacBook Pro in something like that where there's so little info online about it (he doesn't even sell it on his store). Looking for a good EDC and travel backpack and really had my eye on 19L but this is the one thing holding me back. Thanks!!

  5. Can you review the buffalo hillside backpack? I cant find any information about it anywhere besides on the website and there’s barely any there.

  6. @Chase: did you show also Dropp Kit pouch by The Brown Buffalo in any of your videos? I just want to get better understanding what i can put in. 🙂 Thx

  7. Hey Chase, Please do a video on the other Brown Buffalo Bags. The Hillside and Standard issue in particular. A comparison between the 3 would be great

  8. I'm going to get another brown buffalo bag, the hillside, but I don't know the difference between 1680D Ballistic Polyester and 420D Nylon. Which would you recommend? Your videos are awesome they sparked my interest in other bags besides mainstream brands like north face.

  9. This bag seems like a slightly smaller, more organized CPL24. I have the the CPL24 and it just leaves me wanting a bit in terms of organization. This appears to be a nice mixture of that Evergoods aesthetic plus some Tom Bihn-ish style inserts like a pouch and a Freudian Slip lite for some "built-in" organization. Thanks for the review. I ordered one. Cheers!

  10. Chase, thoughts on 19L Conceal vs 21L GR1 from GoRuck. I am about 6'2 and am suck between these two bags as well as the idea of upsizing to the 26 or 27L to have as a one bag for both EDC and one bag travel usage. Any thoughts or opinions, let me know.

  11. I have both this 19L conceal pack and the Goruck gr1 21L. I find myself using the conceal pack way more often than the gr1. The gr1 is great if you're gonna put rocks/bricks/plates in it and beat the crap out of it. Otherwise, the conceal pack is just easier for EDC. The materials and workmanship on the conceal pack are just tighter. Goruck has been slacking in workmanship/quality control lately. All the small details on the conceal pack make me want to pick it up and use it more often than other packs. Awesome pack

  12. Chase do you do female bags as well? I mean most backpacks are unisex but do you or could you recommend a Youtuber that does what you do but from a female perspective? I am here for you but I got my fiancee Marissa a backpack 2 but she doesn't have the same needs as I do but I still wanted to get her something good. I went with the Ogio Soho bag for her https://www.ogio.com/womens/soho-womens-laptop-backpack/ogio-backpack-2017-soho.html but it bothers me that the side pockets on it don't hold a water bottle. The middle drop pocket is a good substitute but now useless side pockets. I wanted to get her the Brown Buffalo in blue but the quality for the ones that aren't made in the U.S. seem to not have all the bells and whistles as well as the quality being less. The main issue is it's not really cute for her at work like the Ogio Soho is but do you have any recommendations for something or someone in regards to this? Any help on this would be great. Would it be possible to do a Brown Buffalo comparison between the handmade and the mass produced ones? Thanks man love the channel!

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