Exploring Hong Kong & Macau with Kritika Goel (2019) | Instagram Famous Places, Senado Square & More

It had been a long time since i randomly went around exploring Hong Kong, which is my favorite thing to do at any place. Thanks to Kritika, got a chance to show her around and had a great time doing ‘creator’ things and chatting and exploring.

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Here are the things we did in these 2 days:

1. Sai Wan Swimming shed in Hong Kong (Instagram famous)
2. Choi Hung Estate in Hong Kong (Instagram famous for its colorful buildings)
3. Day trip to Macau
4. Senado Square in Macau
5. Tried egg tarts in Macau
6. Ruins of St. Pauls in Macau
7. The Venetian in Macau

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20 thoughts on “Exploring Hong Kong & Macau with Kritika Goel (2019) | Instagram Famous Places, Senado Square & More

  1. Wow! Loved the volg. I love watching travel vlogs coz it gives so much of info about the place and you also get to see the place virtually 😜 loved the editing and the music selection was also good. The places captured are so pretty 😍👍

  2. This was such a nice vlog. Kritika seems like such a nice person. I loved everything. The Instagram picture perfect places plus they were so colourful, the bubble tea, your skirt that you were wearing on the second day of your trip to Macau, the random streets that you both were exploring, the Venetian place (which is somewhat like the IBN BATUTA MALL in Dubai), your favourite "Egg Tart" 😁, everything was just fabulous. 😊

  3. Dude no doubt video is so amazing ♥️♥️ you and Kritika is looking bestie so good to see you with her, intro was superb, and sound that music oh my god!!!

  4. which is that last song? "shine on me…" that square is so pretty !!! loved this collab video. That department is lt …truly goa vibes with a European twist. And no plan is the best plan 🙂

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