44 thoughts on “Fastest Stone Generator Ever – Minecraft 1.8.1

  1. sadly it's not very good anymore because of the torch burnouts, you need to add more ticks to the repeaters (the ones at the corner)

  2. i made this but x4
    edit: simply making 1 and 3 of them surrounding the first one but made pistons pushing them to the first one's place where you mine

  3. I WAS making this on a sky block server. It has a feature called ore & block seeds, to randomly transform smooth stone into that ore. I got halfway done before I realized it was a 2×2 gen, which is bad for ore genning. Rip me! Stillworks like a charm, I just use it for other things. GJ

  4. When you speak/explain something, you can't just speed up your speech all of a sudden and talk faster than you build. I literally have to keep going back and forth into the vid so many times.

  5. hallo mensen er is een klein servertje dat best leuk is met skyblock en survival ben je nl neem dan zeker eens een kijkje op de website van hobbelcraft op die website staat ook het ip adress :p

  6. thanks i made this exact design in 1.11 survival, works perfectly, i replaced the levers though with on/off circuit controlled by buttons and put the two buttons right at the entrance to the machine, looks neat and easy to activate.

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