Fetal Tachycardia, Labor | Ms. Bonnie Harris

fetal tachycardia, Labor | Ms. Bonnie Harris

Calling the midwife about contractions. Non stress test shows baby has fetal tachycardia so we prepare for a c section

Early Labor:
Emergency C section:
Post C section:
Labor and delivery story:

Enter our baby pool and guess what were having & when 😁

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My name is Bonnie, im 29 years old mom. I’m a hair dresser by day and a youtube mom by night ;). I have 7 year old twins Hannah & Hailey who were born very premature and another little one on its way!


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Frequently Asked questions:

-What does your daughter have? She doesn’t have anything. She was born premature and these are the complications from that. Watch this video for more information

-Why doesn’t Hannah eat, when will she eat: Watching this video where I explain why she doesn’t eat and what it will take for her to eat

What I Use;
• Sit down video:
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• Editing: Power director 15
• Lighting: Soft boxes ( my video with link to ebay )


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17 thoughts on “Fetal Tachycardia, Labor | Ms. Bonnie Harris

  1. I remember in a video you saying you weren’t sure if you could even vlog in front of him lol and now I’m smiling so huge hearing him hold the camera. So cool.

  2. Love how you filmed this, felt like I was there! And yeah it’s totally possible to laugh in between contractions lol

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