36 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV – 50 Minutes of Gameplay

  1. 38:40
    Why does that sound like that one part in at the end in “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”

  2. I really don't understand the direction they went with this one. Let me go fight demons by a truck stop with my t-shirt and ballcap on… Cool.

  3. I wanted to love this game, but I can't take the main characters seriously. They look so damn stupid with their crappy hair styles.

  4. To me, it looks like Square Enix have lengthened the boring parts of FF to include the Entire Game… Sooo boring, cut scene, talking, boing walking, cut scene, talking, walking…. BORED

  5. What happened to Final Fantasy? Stop trying to put futuristic animations in a FANTASY GAME! I can go on and on about how they completely disregarded us true fans on trying to accumulate younger crowd! At least there are those of us independent creators for rpg apps that truly stick to there beliefs and story line.

  6. This game looks good and all.. but why do all these guys look like emos…. I mean for crying out loud they are all wearing black on black even xD….

  7. The text, subtitles are so small, halwed in comparison with FFXIII or FFX. Practicaly unreadable from seat, so another triumpf of PC gamers….

  8. I'd rather eat dogshit of the worst kind then finish this game! Ishould have checked reviews, but i diddent so bye bye money…

  9. the ff's series are always a good option to play on a console, but dont even think to play this in a pc. ALWAYS BAD PORTS! And also…come on! change that sh**y gameplay style, they can make the combat more fluid etc. they never learn lol

  10. that's lame, WTF is a vehicle doing in final fantasy?? I'm guessing the writers have no clue where to take this game, looks like the end of the road for final fantasy …

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