First Crypto Online Multiplayer MMORPG Game 3D! – Blockchain Games! MMORPG – FASTECO SUPER HERO!

🎥: SUPERHERO Is The First 3D Crypto Blockchain Game!
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19 thoughts on “First Crypto Online Multiplayer MMORPG Game 3D! – Blockchain Games! MMORPG – FASTECO SUPER HERO!

  1. This game looks good but it's just too bad we cannot make custom character by setting our desired eye , skin and hair colors 😟

  2. Thanks for the video.
    Fast Super Hero 3D MMORPG is in open beta testing phase now. Everyone is welcome to join. We have a lot of fun and exciting things in development. Free EOS mining event has begun and will continue until September 8th. You keep the EOS and take the precious metals to the blacksmith to forge a weapon. Arm your hero!
    Something unusually has caused these mines to appear. Heroes assemble and investigate. Something is coming!

    Beginners guide: @t
    Game: @t (only available to play on PC web browser for now)
    Further information: @t
    Telegram: @t
    Twitter: @t

  3. Hey Max just wondering if you have any thoughts on a solution for decentralising EOS that I came up with.

    A simple solution for decentralising block producers from having a majority in one country. China for example have 10 block producers. We don't have a problem with Chinese people or their teams and only the location of the BP's being in the one country there may be a way to per sway them. Currently BP's are paid by their rank of top 21 block producers and some being in standby.

    What if we introduced an added algorithm that pays something like a +0.1%, +0.25%, +0.75% or even +5.0% of block producer bonus rewards. Which go higher for less block producers per country. Let's say there are 10 Chinese block producers getting paid the same EOS because they're producing in the same country. If one of them moves to a country where there are no BP's, they get an added 5% of what they would currently already earn. If another BP produces blocks in that same country they'd both now have to share that 5% bonus. This could be an incentive towards decentralisation. The less BP's per country the more they earn. Maybe each country could hold a 5% gain that gets shared between BP's.

  4. This is what I’m talking about, this is an incredible hint/sign of what’s to come just when I couldn’t be more bullish SMH 🤦‍♂️

  5. Enjoyed watching the video , really explains everything in detail,the video is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming video..

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