Fitbit Versa Lite Review: Too basic for the price

Fitbit somehow managed to squeeze $40 of tradeoffs out of the Versa to bring us the Versa Lite. It brings over most of my favorite features from the more expensive watch, but might be too “lite” even for the first-time smartwatch buyers the company is targeting.

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22 thoughts on “Fitbit Versa Lite Review: Too basic for the price

  1. I just bought mi band 4 and my friend copied me and bought this smartwhatch then i said that she could buy a better watch than this for the price…

  2. I have a versa lite and I'm not impressed. I have a charge 2 and it has floor climb on it. And the app never works right. And the swimming is useless. And the apps aren't much.

  3. My Fitbit charge 3 seems better…

    It has ability to track floors climbed, laps when you're swimming, and doesn't take forever to sync w/ my phone.

  4. I think you should not consider this review i have read over 20 reviews on youtube and google all of them are good only this is negetive basically you are getting all fitness tracking features with some add ons like connected gps and many apps

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