Fix Free Transform in Photoshop CC 2019: Legacy mode

Classic Free Transform is back in Photoshop CC 2019! Learn how to restore the original Free Transform behavior with the new Use Legacy Free Transform option!
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In Photoshop CC 2019, Adobe made a sudden and surprising change to the Free Transform command. For years, the default behavior of Free Transform was to scale images non-proportionally. Clicking and dragging a handle let you freely adjust the size of the image without worrying about the aspect ratio. To scale the image proportionally, you had to press and hold your Shift key while dragging a corner handle.

But in CC 2019, Adobe turned Free Transform upside down, and now the default behavior is to scale images proportionally. Dragging a corner handle or a side handle now scales the image with the aspect ratio locked in place. And holding Shift as you drag scales the image non-proportionally.

If you’re a long-time Photoshop user and you’ve been frustrated with this change, you’re not alone. But just when you thought you were finally getting used to it, Adobe has updated Photoshop with a brand new Use Legacy Free Transform option that lets you easily restore Free Transform to its original behavior. Here’s how to use it!

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14 thoughts on “Fix Free Transform in Photoshop CC 2019: Legacy mode

  1. thanks for the video 🙂 I already fixed this issue some time ago. Now Adobe has a new challenge – Move tool has by default a bounding box around selected layer which acts like a free transform tool. If you drag the handles, it gets you into the free transform mode immediately. This bounding box can be turned off by ctrl + H which is not really convenient if you want to disable JUST this pre-freetransform bounding box. The bounding box messes with my overall view on my artwork and it's super annoying not to be able to look at me work without the bounding boxes. Does anyone has any idea how to get back to legacy setting on this yet another annoying Adobe change? :))

  2. Please help..
    I did what you explained exactly but when i pressed "ok" then again check up the setting, The option of use legacy free transform is empty like i didn't do anything has no right sign.. Why ?

  3. Is there a way to back to the legacy way of rotating? In the free transform tool before, you could go anywhere outside the bounding box to rotate. Now if you go too far outside of the box it exits the transform tool. So now I have to be extra careful where I put my cursor to rotate. It slows me down, and causes me to have to re-transform way too often.

  4. Thanks, and I hate adobe for this!! fak! why the flying fak would they do that?! hold shift has been constrain proportions for it's whole life thru out all the adobe apps and now they facking thought: ooooh let's change this, that way bad designers will be less bad. facking fackers! thanks again

  5. Hi everyone, Steve here. If you've been frustrated with Adobe's changes to Free Transform in Photoshop CC 2019, you're not alone. But there's good news! Photoshop has been updated with a new "Use Legacy Free Transform" option that lets you easily restore Free Transform's classic behavior! In this quick video, I show you how to make sure your copy of Photoshop CC is updated to the latest version, and where to find this great new option! Please leave any comments or questions below, and as always, thank you so much for watching!

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