48 thoughts on “Forcing Hickok to review Guns he’s uncomfortable with…

  1. U can hear the birds screaming for their dead family members after John murdered them gangster style with a gold 1911 lol

  2. Damn… two of my most respected gun enthusiast come together in a video, and five months later I hear about it.
    John Browning, I'm sorry.

  3. When you are having “one of those days” … it is therapeutic to take a deep breath, have a cuppa your favorite tea or coffee, and watch this Hickok45 showing you how to take on the unexpected knuckleballs life brings your way… 😎

  4. Me and you in the zombie apocalypse: OHMYGODWEREALLSCREWED Hickok: Casually dropping zombies with one hand as he lounges in a chair sippin lemonade.

  5. Nick Cage had those gold plated M1911s in Face/Off, two of them. Needless to say they looked extremely badass and inflicted some serious damage to SWAT officers in several firefights (in some of them he was "Travolta" of course)

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