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I answer some skincare related questions I frequently get from my viewers. Some answers may be unconventional. I believe skin care is an integrated process. I am not a skin specialist. Just sharing my own experience.
I am an Amazon Associate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I am providing links to products I mentioned in this video for your convenience. People often ask what I use, so I am providing this information. Please don’t feel like you have to have these products.
I use:
Embryolisse Lait Creme Moisturizer:
A313 Vitamin A Retinol Pommade:
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*Welcome to my channel. I am Gadgetlily. I am 60 years old. I make videos in several main categories. Mainly mature BEAUTY & SKINCARE, Plus CATS, GADGETS/FAVORITE THINGS, FLOWERS & GARDEN, MY OIL PAINTINGS and TRAVEL.
Skincare & Beauty – MATURE over 50; anti-aging skincare; simple & quick makeup tips; natural makeup looks; beauty product reviews; hauls
Cats – videos of our 5 cats under the playlist “Five Cats Productions”
Gadgets/Favorite Things – kitchen & useful things I collected and love, some vintage and rare
Flowers & Garden – my photographs turned into short videos
Art Edition – oil paintings I created in the past years and presented with my blogs; digital art and illustrations
Travel – travel vlogs; food vlogs; shopping trips

I am not a skin specialist or esthetician. My videos are not meant to give advice but purely to share my own experience and to entertain.

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I purchase all products used in my videos and I am not sponsored by any company.

I use iPhone 7 to film. Edit with iMovie. Photos used in channel art are photographed by me.
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44 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions | Skincare & Facial Massage Questions | Skincare Philosophy

  1. The way you speak is so relaxing 👍☺️ Thank you for the massage video I will try it soon 👍

  2. Hi please could you advise me for a simple skincare routine I'm 57 yrs old and my skin has become dry should I use the A313 at night please could you advise me. Thks

  3. Dear Lily, thank you so very much for doing such a good and helpful work with your videos. Thanks for your individual thinking, your opinions and experiences and – last but not least – for your honest wisdom. I find myself in many of your thoughts and I appreciate your straightness.
    It is always a pleasure and an enrichment in many ways to watch your respective video. Looking forward to see you again soon. Have nice days, I send you kind regards an best wishes from Germany 🦋 Lotteliese

  4. انا مشتركة جديدة من الجزائر ..صراحة انا منبهرة بنقاء و جمال بشرتك .. من اليوم و صاعدا ساقوم بعمل مساج للوجه ..لقد اعطيتني طاقة ايجابية شكرا ….I from Algeria ♥ Good lik

  5. Ой ! Вы стали ещё красивее. Приятно на вас смотреть.Я тоже хочу быть красивой как вы.Привет с России.

  6. hello my pretty lady thank you for sharing your advice about what works for you I am using A313 for 3 weeks and I still do not see a difference in my face how long do you think I will notice softness in my face I face her face right away I massage my face with oil, then I apply mousturizer and then A313 who thinks I'm making a mistake thanks for helping me could you give me any suggestions please thanks 🙏

  7. Hi GadgetLily I’m so easily swayed when I come across or see what others are using I need to do like you and have a skin philosophy which I never thought 💭 of before only wasting my time and money 💰 thanks 🙏 and happy thanksgiving 🍁 to you 🙋🏻❤️

  8. I have seen my face change drastically from massage, healthy foods and Marula oil.
    Thank you so much for being so clear, skin wise and instructions.
    You’re amazing

  9. كلامك جميل له معنى رائع طريقتك في استعمال المساج للبشرة مميزة صادفت فيديو بالصدفة مريت على بعض الفيديوهات أنت مبدعة😍👍

  10. I like to eat an egg for breakfast tool. At least it's not processed and it's not sugar…a lot of water is good but we don't have to drown ourselves. 👍🏻

  11. I love eggs! I eat two almost every day. I also started drinking more water since learning that the sense of thirst lessens with age. Thanks for the video. Maybe, one time you can share physical activities you enjoy? Just an idea. Have a great day!

  12. Hi Gadgetlily ,…I just discover your channel ,and love it ,tell me are you skin always looks like now ? Or just get better with your routine Love your channel and your voice and personality

  13. I look forward to ALL your videos, Lily!  Your honesty is so refreshing.  I'm also hoping that in some of those future videos you'll incorporate some of your cartoon sketches…those are so adorable and bring such joy.  I hope you have as much fun drawing them as I do seeing them!  xoxo

  14. جميلة جداً و بشرتك ناعمة. اريد من فضلك أمثلة لكريمات جيدة بالرتينول و شكرا جزيلا على نصائحك المميزة. 👌🔝

  15. Hi I'm from London the jojoba oil and rice oil is too expensive can you please do a homemade mask or something cheap for face massage 💆 thankyou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Merci pour votre honnêteté. Je suis d accord avec vous .bon nettoyage de la peau , peu de produit à la fois. Pas de surcharge. !!! Merci , merci .😘👍

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