Froehlich Tours | Charter Bus 00177 | Review 2019

Froehlich Tours Inc. is public utility and public transport operator by having its own bus charter and car rental division.
00177 is an affordable charter bus.

Company/Owner: Froehlich Tours, Inc.
Route: Any point
Area of Service: Any point
Type of Service: Tourist-Chartered Operation Bus
Classification: Regular Air-conditioned bus
Engine: Yuchai Diesel Engine (China)
Transmission: M/T
Speed: 6 Forward, 1 Reverse
Suspension Type: Leafspring
Seat Configuration: 2×2
Maximum Capacity: 41+2

Other Features:
1. Speed Limiter 90kph limit
2. TV with local channels
3. One CCTV
4. 41 seaters
5. Affordable Charter Bus


Call (02) 838 4706
+63906 512 4505 / +63977 063 6933 – Tourist Bus Rental Inquiry
+02 876 0538 – Tourist Bus Inquiry
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