Fun session with DJ Bass GH on the DDJ-SZ

DJ Bass came over to hang and we decided just to get silly. no planning just whatever. He is one of the best DJs in Ghana and a true talent and professional so go follow him on instagram and twitter @djbass233

Copyright disclaimer.
All tracks were legally obtained through record pools and this video is not for monetary uses.


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31 thoughts on “Fun session with DJ Bass GH on the DDJ-SZ

  1. Good mix yall should run a instruction video on how to construct that set up you got going there between yall Nice work fellas!

  2. There’s two different energies coming from both Dj’s so a story isn’t being told when they mix and flow from song to song

  3. Real Raul Mac Book power what my Pro back got ripe off by Fresno Law enforcement just wanted info or you all hacks go crazy here ,watch back

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