17 thoughts on “Fv520 Sauda Røldal May 2019

  1. We drove on this very same road from Sauda on May 27 of this year. It was an adrenaline rush in a bigger car, for I never knew if what was coming at me from the opposite direction. Once, a huge truck came just before a sharp turn, making me have to back up about 50 meters before he could pass. My average speed was often only 40 km/h. It felt like we were driving alone, away from all civiliation for 40 to 50 minutes. Snow and ice patches on either side of such a narrow road made the it feel like we were one a razor's edge of surviving. I loved all the twists and turns, but it was nerve-wracking, and I was relieved to finally get back to lower elevation with signs of civilization again at the end. A fantastic ride.

  2. That's a beautiful ride with some excellent scenery. It is very different views here in Australia. Thanks for the upload

  3. Pitoresque scenery and of course very nice video (again) – it seems, you are an avid promotor of Norvays natural treasures which you obviously have in abundance. Ride safe and keep the rubber down!

  4. Some views there 👍👍👍👍sven …watching you in snow…we have had 23degrees today in northern England. …cheers from dave.

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