Game Review: Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks Week 7 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

Chris Simms does a deep dive into Baltimore’s dominant win over Seattle and why the Seahawks didn’t do themselves any favors against a motivated Ravens squad. #NBCSports #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #BaltimoreRavens #SeattleSeahawks

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Game Review: Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks Week 7 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports


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23 thoughts on “Game Review: Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks Week 7 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

  1. Ah perfect another random YouTube video by a major network featuring two white dudes I’ve never seen or heard of before in my life talking about the same game that everyone else on the internet and television also has discussed

  2. Imagine doing a whole review of the game and saying Lamar's passing numbers were sub par without mentioning the 7 drops smh

  3. In a driving rainstorm his receivers dropped 6 passes. It’s relevant information when you’re criticizing a passer.

  4. Lamar had 6 drops.. his passing would’ve looked much better if you understand what happened, cmon guys, it ain’t all told in the stats!

  5. The #1 thing the Ravens are doing to win these games is holding onto their lead in the 4th quarter by having super long 8 – 10 minute drives. And thats not an exaggeration.

  6. Lamar got sick and tired of all those drops and decided to take the game over himself. He’s gonna be by far the best QB outta that draft,its pretty obvious already.

  7. ok but if you take away andrews 3 drops that already 12/20 which is a good 60% completion rate. Also im pretty sure other recievers dropped balls too .

  8. After the bye week everything will start to gel. Give about late November early December they will be better than now. It will be scary awesome for us Ravens fans. AFC North title on way to Superbowl. At very least I say AFC Championship game as a end to this season. No less than that. Lamar on offense and Humphries, Thomas, Carr, Peters, etc. If they stop having those drops Lamar and their numbers and maybe Ravens 4-2 record could be different. Just my thoughts

  9. Nobody is talking about Mark Andrew’s 4 drops that were right on his hands. Lamar should have been at least 13-20 or 15-20

  10. Stat line is misleading, there where some wide open hit in the hands type passes dropped today. Should have been closer to 200 13-20 with a TD. But hey who cares wins are wins!

  11. It was such an important win for the Ravens. To prove they can compete against playoff candidates and after a bye week a have a fair shot at the patriots.

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