Golden Axe for Genesis Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews Golden Axe for Genesis.

Developed and published by Sega, Golden Axe was released for the Genesis in December, 1989. Golden Axe is a product of its time but it’s a classic and an inspiration for others of its kind.

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28 thoughts on “Golden Axe for Genesis Video Review

  1. Gotta be honest, I only played the Amiga port, but it made the same impression on me that the Genesis version probably made on other people. I have it somewhere on Steam now, I guess it's time to start this baby up again 🙂

  2. It's interesting to hear about this game from the perspective of someone who's never played it before.
    Me and my dad played this all the time. We got really good at it and could beat it almost every time.

  3. Yeah, maybe this game (and many other beat em'ups) didn't aged well. But this game have a very unique graphic style and soundtrack. Generaly I don't like the Genesis sound, but this soundtrack fits the theme of the game and the Genesis soundchip very well.

  4. Golden Axe is kinda……Boring

    Don' get me wrong. I like it but takes so damn fucking beating to die

    Golden Axe 3 is more bareable and enjoyable

    Or stick to Knights of the Round

  5. Beast Rider is pretty boring but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. One of the few games I didn't finish and that's extremely rare for me. I'd say the best traditional Golden Axe is Revenge of Death Adder. It is still an arcade exclusive to this day. Check it out on MAME. It's excellent!

  6. It may have age in some aspects, but it is still worth a play and I highly recommend getting the collections that sega had release to play these.

  7. It's fine to get this game and Altered Beast confused if you didn't grow up with these games. They were devised by the same man and share a cast member. The original names for the Knights were Lt. Heineken and Budweiser (you can see these if you play one of the beta / prototype versions – probably available to download at Hidden Palace).

  8. All I gotta say the golden axe series are my favorite along with the Streets of Rage titles. Thanks for the review Gaming Pastime

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