20 thoughts on “GOLDEN COMMANDO REVIEW + EZ Solo Triumph [Tower Battles]

  1. barely made it with freaking golden commando . well this update is sucks and worst of all now any golden tower that get stun by the freaking void will be stuck forever . this is the worst. earth really want to say the only thing that can kill void is a fucking zed in any solo game . i just hate this like i really really hate this it's like no creativity for people anymore since the end are not hard as beep. nobody gets to the end and freezer is still unbalance as USUAL idk why but how long can earth kept on saying ohh this is ok and worst the barracks are now glitchy and unbalance and worst the soldier range kept getting more and more behind every time a corner come in contact.

  2. You can solo triumph with
    1.Golden Scout
    2.Golden Commando
    Start with GS and focus your money until it has hidden detection.After it has hidden detection you can place down two farms then upgrade until you get 1000$ per wave.Wait til you have enough money to but GC.Upgrade GC to hidden detection.Buy DJ and commander.Try getting DJ to encore and commander to first upgrade.After that you can buy two more farms and max all your farms.Better if you only use 4 farms max.
    Start putting all your money into GC and buy multiple.You don’t have to upgrade DJ or Commander until you maxed all your GC.

  3. So the thing Is Golden Commando Is good,but It Is good only if you know really well how to use him and of you have a good strategy

  4. Lmao I have 500 or 489 wins and 30k credits and I started very early playing the game pretty good when it was old now we can get gc I probably jumped from the seat when I could get it anyways it's an amazing towers the flaws are just the price so yeah….

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