Golden vs Liquitex – Acrylic Paint Review

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In this Art Showdown I am comparing two well known artist grade acrylic paint brands: Golden Artist Colors vs Liquitex Professionals. This art video is focusing on each brands heavy body line, and I tell you my pros and cons for each!

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17 thoughts on “Golden vs Liquitex – Acrylic Paint Review

  1. I read somewhere that a certain artist didn't like Liquitex because of the type of tube it uses. Air gets sucked into it after squeezing out a dollop onto your palette, which makes the paint in the tube lose the consistency it had when the paint was new. In your experience is this a concern?

  2. I have been painting with acrylics for 50 years and started with Liquitex and still use them today. With acrylic paints it really depends on your painting style and what you want to achieve. I use Liquitex along with their medium and mix a very thin layer of paint and build up the surface using this technique. You really have to experiment with paints of any medium to see how it feels and what you can achieve. It's all part of the process of being an artist.

  3. Golden have a fantastic customer service, impressed, the color is heavily pigmented, the web site is a gold mine, i use all the different consistency except the high loads, the high flow black in molotow marker is exceptionnal, love the single pigment paint witch use high performance pigments, they have replace the cap of the tube, and sell a tool for open easely all the tubes, happy to find a company that make a very high quality products rather than make proctuct only for profit, the only real cons is the very high Price un France, for the rest a reference i think, like the philosphy of the company too

  4. Very helpful! Thanks! I've always wondered. My style is more like yours. I like using Winsor & Newton Professional as well

  5. Great info. Very pleasant to listen to. 👍 ( you would be surprised how vocal tone helps with videos, not everyone should do them) Straight to the point, which I love!

  6. I have the chroma atelier interactive acrylics, daler rowney cryla, winsor and newton professional acrylic, I enjoy them as the prices are decent and how they work (I love to mix different brands due to the price of specific colours being cheaper than others). I was wondering to buy the golden heavy body, but the price of the series from 4/5 onwards is expensive, other than that it is worth it.

  7. Thank you so much for this great video! I've been looking for acrylic paint reviews and this is the best one I found so far!! 🙂

  8. I was just working with my new Liquitex Basics and noticed they didn't want to mix or blend. They seemed to have pigment reactions. Now I feel more confident in my observations. I will go with Golden on y next class supply list.

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