Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro review. (Which has the better camera?)

Ex-Google TechLead takes a hands-on look at the Google Pixel 4 and Apple iPhone 11 Pro, with camera comparisons and sample photos & videos. We also check out the ultra-wide lens, 90hz smooth screen display, live captions, recorder app, bokeh, and nightsight.

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Thanks to TeamPixel for setting me up with the
#pixel4 to compare with the #iphone11.


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43 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro review. (Which has the better camera?)

  1. I consider it very nice to have found your channel sir. I look at your channel kinda like a ground pole of truth in an era where all these Tec companies are trying to hype us up about things we don’t understand. Thank you sir for your honesty. It’s a blessing from a man who not only worked in the Tec industry, but was and still is a top notch man when it comes to understanding the new Tec. Bless you sir.

  2. Both phones are overrated, there are phones out there with better features like the one Plus 7, Samsung note 10, Huawei Mate 30 etc. With apple you are just buying the brand and the camera quality that's it.

  3. I have the 11pro max, and I got it as a free upgrade this year. I work in a phone retail and repair, and I have to say, I prefer using the 11 pro, but neither of these updates are really worth having if you have the previous version.
    I think the radar tech on the Pixel is a mistake, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. I love my Moto Droid Force. I can drop it 5x's a day and it looks brand new, no case needed so it's very slim compared to these ultra slim phones that require Otter cases to not break from a 4 ft drop. I left it in my pants pocket 3 times now and found my phone in the lint catcher in the drying machine and my cell was still on and running!

    I traded in my S9 Edge+ for the Droid Force, best decision I could have made looking back 2 years.

    My opinion is if you spend over $700 on a phone it needs to do more than make calls and browse the web. No phone's give blow jobs or does laundry yet, so wtf would I spend $1,000 on one? I don't understand people's mindset for phones. I don't think I ever will.

  5. TechLead, thanks for giving all these pointers about changing the settings for the camera… and about the recorder app. That was cool.

  6. You forgot about a very important HUGE different between these two phones. Applications loading time on Google Pixel 4 XL is just terrible!!! I have bought Google Pixel 4 XL and I sold it because iPhone 11 PRO is much faster! On Google Pixel 4 XL using so many apps and video games, you have a feeling that your phone is broken. When you want to play a game that is loading data from the disk you need to wait and wait, and after a few clicks when you see loading textures behind the scene is just terrible! I have compared these two phones and I saved 30s time on loading some data on iPhone 11 PRO than on Google Pixel 4 XL. Please add a new video where you benchmark the disk results of these two phones and you will see the difference on your own. The game I was talking about is: Hustle Castle

  7. front cam bokeh is bad on pixel, you shouldve explained the potraits form the main cameras.Pixel would beat iPhone hands down

  8. Are these your views as a millionaire tho? Because I’m not interested in regular proloteriats’ opinions, i want the millionaires’ opinions..

  9. Stainless steel frame , telephoto 10 x optical zoom , water resistance improvement, 18 watt charging block ,
    Actually you get 11 more affordable because night mode and wide angle lens already built in 11

  10. Wow… I must say… Within 2 days TechLead just did the postmortem of Both the phones… N brought to the table… Every single information about both the phones… TechLead just puts his 100% in whatever he do … Appreciate it… Thank you TechLead…

  11. Hi TechLead,

    I think you should not try some new in the same channel at least. Please consider to move this type of video to your other channel when they exist.

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