50 thoughts on “Group Shower on The Isle of Capri – S4:E18

  1. I lived in Naples for 3 yrs…would go to Sorento and Capri every weekend during summer….Amafia coast is great too.

  2. That Laura girl is a disgrace to herself and everyone around her , what a thot. The older lady is a mirror image of her in another 10-15 years. Embarrassments !

  3. Just found your channel. Great videos. Just curious what do you do for a living. Has to be expensive traveling around.

  4. Do you have any investiment idea's? What did you do in order to afford to do all that? Apparently Software Development isn't the right path.

  5. Capri is definitely a great place to see some of the World's finest luxury yachts. When I visited, the Prime Minister of Qatar's yacht, Al Mirqab, was anchored just off the coast of Capri. Just an amazing and beautiful vessel.

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