Group Shower on The Isle of Capri – S4:E18

We go ashore on Italy’s Famous Isle of Capri and of course the girls have fun showering together!

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50 thoughts on “Group Shower on The Isle of Capri – S4:E18

  1. That Laura girl is a disgrace to herself and everyone around her , what a thot. The older lady is a mirror image of her in another 10-15 years. Embarrassments !

  2. Do you have any investiment idea's? What did you do in order to afford to do all that? Apparently Software Development isn't the right path.

  3. Capri is definitely a great place to see some of the World's finest luxury yachts. When I visited, the Prime Minister of Qatar's yacht, Al Mirqab, was anchored just off the coast of Capri. Just an amazing and beautiful vessel.

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