Growing Strawberries in fiberstone pots

Redsweet, sweet, succulent berries would be the definitive taste of summer. Not only does June kick off the summer season, it’s also the month when many strawberries hit the marketplace. Harvest these beautiful, organic strawberries you had the foresight to plant just a few short months ago.

1. Growing berries in fiberstone pots is among the simplest ways to ensure success. Strawberries thrive in lots of sunlight, but also need consistent water and loose, rich, soil for exceptional drainage. It’s far, far easier to supply these ideal conditions when you begin with planting strawberries in containers.

2. It is oh-so-simple to learn how to grow strawberries in a pot. Pick a garden pots or pot with enough space to plant your preferred number of strawberry crops, or”crowns” as they’re sometimes called. Position them approximately six inches in the middle of one plant to the center of the following. For the greatest yield, a container with a broad surface area is the best option. Soft-sided, instantaneous elevated beds are a great choice for all these shallow-rooted beauties.

3. A great benefit to planting berries in containers, is that these gems are perennial. That means your strawberries will come up every year, and even multiply by placing out new, small plants — extended stalks that attach the infant plant to the original. When the roots are well established, clip the runner and transplant your new strawberries into another container. It’s just one more reason growing berries in Hieta garden containers is a winner– you receive delicious berries and new plants at no cost!

4. Oops…your rental is up! When you’re growing tomatoes in pots, you can’t need to be worried about leaving your hard work and money behind. Perennial strawberries work even if your life is somewhat like a rolling rock. Already in your forever home? Planting strawberries in containers lets you move them as your own sun and shade patterns change, or in the event that you simply wish to tweak your garden design.

Last, pick powerful, healthy plants once you see them in local garden centres. They’ll get a head start when you plant them in good quality dirt, an aerated container, and provide a moist, but not moist, growing atmosphere. A layer of straw mulch retains your berries off the soil, and an inch or so of new compost next season will enrich your berries in containers for another candy season.