10 thoughts on “H pylori and how I found out I caught it!!

  1. 8 I found out I caught it!! :::I think it's an important point. I should listen to the story well from now on. kk.kkkk

    41-year-old YouTuber, please love Korean, too

  2. Omg GOD bless you. I'm so sorry that happen to you especially when you've tried to tell someone. Praying for you! 🧚🏽

  3. I Eated antibiotics so I hope its gone now but still have symptoms like the gas.. but I eat much broccoli, garlic and ginger , will take a new test soon.. I ask God for healing everyday.. I miss my active life exercises etc.. are u healed .. a question maybe fasting Will help heal the gut and make the bad bacterias go ? Or is it not good Be blessed

  4. Yes the devil came to kill to steal and distroy. God in His infinite mercy will surely deliver you both. I pray for speedy recovery in Jesus name, Amen. Stay blessed and do have a wonderful day

  5. May GOD continue to heal & bless you! He's more than able & what area are you living in so others will be warned.tfs👐👐

  6. My dog is doing much better Guy's! Her name is Shi ! She's 16 yrs old ,but we still holding on to the promises of God to get us through this terrible situation!! The vet suggested I put her down but I can't and I won't do that ! Shi is a fighter just like me and together we gon make it not without god of course! Thank each and everyone of you who tuned in to my videos! May God bless each and every one of you!!!

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