H. Pylori natural cure. The diet and supplements that worked for me.

Hey folks,

My name is Justin and this is a quick video of all the things I have taken that I believe played a major role in helping me rid myself of H. Pylori, Gastritis, cured my Ulcers and improved my digestion.

It was a brutal battle for over a year and a half but I am committed to making sure other people get the same information I so desperately needed during the time I had this awful bacteria.

I am also not a Dr. and I would take any Doctor’s advice over my own. If there is something that is concerning you – check with your Doctor! This is just my story and what helped me through this.

source: https://noviway.com

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7 thoughts on “H. Pylori natural cure. The diet and supplements that worked for me.

  1. Hopefully this helps someone as a reminder after watching the video. Must listen to the video tho to know how and why to take things.

    Kill Phase
    1. Mastic Gum
    2. Oregano Oil
    3. Manuka Honey
    4. Crucera-SGS (sulforaphane)
    5. Bismouth (or Lauric Acid or Aniseed Oil)

    Repair Phase
    1. Cabbage juice and Celery juice
    2. L-Glutamine (10-20g a sitting x2 p/day)

    3. Bone broth
    4. Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root and DGL
    5. Betaine HCL and pepsin (1/2 capsules 5 mins before eating, 1/2 during eating)

    *may want to avoid fibrous foods: suggested foods include chicken and potato. Reduce meal size and frequency.

    Post Repair
    1. Cabbage/Celery Juice
    2. Potassium

  2. @VitaminJ7734, I have watched your video few times already and it is really really helpful. I would love to tell you my story but do not want to write a essay here but I been meaning ask you if you can provide the links or sites of all the product you took. There are so many types and brand not sure which one is effective. Lastly, if is not too much for you it would be really helpful if you can create a PDF with step by step of all the things you did with timeline.

  3. Hey Justin, so firstly thanks so much for the video! Am really interested in your experiences with probiotics also. Please keep making more vids like this! Cheers! Doni

  4. hey man I going though the same problem as you man, i had h pylori, got rid of it and still had symptoms of sore stomach, i had a endoscopy and turns out that i have "Gastritis", I took ant acid pills but i feel like they are not working and now I'm worried that i might have stomach cancer

  5. Hello! What is the name of the doctor you mentioned that said to feed the bacteria to come out of hiding? Great video! Thanks!

  6. forgot to ask you have did you get rid of sibo,if you did? It's kind of hard even when you get rid of h pylori,if you dont digest food well,it all feeds sibo.

  7. I did like a 4 month treatment made a 20 day pause in between.Last month i was taking 1g mastic 2x a day with nac and monolaurin,cranbery capsule. And 2x a day berberine 500mg,pau d arco 500 mg,astaxanthin,monolaurin.I started having lots of gastritis and indigestion last few days so i stopped all the supplements.I didnt want to irritate my gut anymore so i stopped supplements to see where am at.Will retest soon but not sure if after i retest taking mastic will irritate my gut and cause indigestion which is not beneficial

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