1. I miss this game. I remember playing it way back in the day when it was being actively updated. I even remember playing multiplayer which was fun as well. Good times but I don't think I ever personally beat Sonic.

  2. Buen Video bro! Oye y oigan, hace poco termine un juego, si les importa entren al link y listo, si les gusta genial.. si no les gusta genial! Espero que lo disfruten bros. <3

    Link Mega: https://mega.nz/?fbclid=IwAR2k-BZuS9djKgF9YFijmarv2An8V61yo8JnZI2QRu7D0iq2zy3Jy-rjkp8#!MKZV3KBT!3oPHdHk1xAwjBU3_LlxQTeq1VfUo5ZVzvMxENCJJcvw

  3. Has anyone else ever beat this game? I’ve been trying to find the name of this game for 3 years so I can play it again and I finally found it! I remember when there were lobbies and you could have people join you too lmao so everyone is stressing out together😂by far one of my favorite games simply because it’s so damn hard and you need quick reflexes and…. patience! 10/10 game imo unless you give up honestly it’s fun as hell once you get used to the controls it becomes more of a trial and error, but the beginning of the game is straight fucking cancer😂😂

  4. First time pewds admitted his deaths in game .. 90 deaths .. Felix's anger level , first level he uses Swedish vulgar words , second level he removes headphones , third level he stats smash his setup and try to break it , final level become mad and make devilish smile

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