48 thoughts on “Highlight: Buffalo & SuperContainers For Viewers!

  1. As mentioned above, WG is running a campaign where just by watching the stream you can get Super Containers every hour. My viewers have been getting a lot of premium ships and other cool stuff so figured I'd share it with you guys as well!
    Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/flamuu
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Flamu
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/flamuchz

  2. Looked like the planet exploded with thet 5 ship flak AA and he still made his drop. WG insist 25% CV players are more important than the other 75% gun ship players. 2019 year of WTF.

  3. I`m new on this channel and just wanted to say hi 🙂

    p.s. i got some crates with some kind of resources watching flambass stream.
    dont know what are they for. I have only 20 battles 🙂
    p.s. tnx4share

  4. Thanks for the tips… so far I learned, at least, no Yorcking on Buffalos…….
    You cannot dodge as easy nor tank BB AP between 12-6 km :P.

  5. The CV rework was what finally got me to uninstall the game, I enjoyed it for a few years but rather questionable decisions by WG killed it for me in the end. Still watch your Youtube and Twitch from time to time though Flamu, the game may now be shit but you're always entertaining 🙂

  6. The beard is a really good look for you Flamu, brings out the hue of that awesome salt (your charm) you proudly carry…;)

  7. What did Flamu say about the Legendary mod? "Take the Yamato one because the Zao is the best and after you put it on you never take it off"!?!

  8. Not only 5 T9s against 1 T8 carriers planes. All 5 has strong AA! Buffalo, Missouri, Fletcher, Jean Bart and a Kronstadt. Well played WG ……. Well played!
    Nothing wrong with CV rework they say ….. just play strong AA ships they say …… SURE!!!

  9. I finally uninstalled WOWS after playing a game in my Nelson where I spawned on my own and had a Graf Zeppelin dive bomb me for 20k dmg before I even sailed a kilometre. There was nothing me or anyone else on my team could do and that finally convinced me that I'd had enough of the game

  10. Don't really get why people allways think of Belfast as the King of OP? Apart from the concealment and radar it's a piece of shit.

  11. "Five tier nine against a tier eight carrier" , and pray to god not to get in a match with two carriers in each team, no matter of the class of ships You play it will create a discomfort to play the game at least. I played twenty games in the last two weeks because those carriers. Like it or not some of the players learned to exploit this situation, never before You could see eight carrier players waiting for a spot in a random battle.
    This company has some long term strategy issues, they make me remember the situation from "W.O.T." when the arty was broken like hell, first years after full release, followed by a couple of years of minor or major changes that draw crazy a lot of veterans, making them quit the game for good, my case included. Those carrier minor or major changes in last then a year started to affect the game in such a serious way, that is getting ridiculous. For a DD player like me, it is sad. DD is an obsolete class of ship now, You can do nothing in a game with two enemy carriers . Even in tier ten cruisers it is hard, if the enemy carrier player knows what to do he will humiliate You. I was trying to protect a friendly Yamato with my Moscva, and a Midway sunk us both like smoke. Then You start to ask some questions. Is it worth it anymore? Why should I grind a line of cruisers, if they suck at one of their main roles? Why should I grind a DD line? To make a super slalom between radars and enemy planes? In real life once an aircraft enter the range of AA fire, it can not teleport back to carrier, this is preposterous, who had this idea was an imbecile, who approved it was retarded, because they denied the chance of fair fight between classes of ships.
    If the carrier department was short on sales, may be they can provide the founds caused by the 20 % of player mass the game lost after those sad carrier interminable changes. And is not over the door is still open, many more will give up soon.

  12. Flamu how's Buffalo after CV rework and some buffs to her itself? Is she bearable now?(Coming closer to unlocking Buffalo)

  13. Why do cruisers have better AA in general than battleships? I could imagine that in a large hull of a bb you can fit a lot more AA mounts.

  14. On a side note, I had a fully broadside, what was it? Audacious? The British Tier X carrier, had the guy at maybe 13km, fully broadside, for several minutes, in my Yamato, and needed half a dozen volleys to take him down. Not a single citadel. Not even Hindenburg is that well protected.

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