Honda RC30 vs Ducati V4R comparison | MCN |

MCN had a very special opportunity to ride a Honda RC30 back-to-back with a Ducati V4R at the Pirelli test track in Pergusa, Sicily.

Find out how far Chief Road Tester, Michael Neeves thinks technology has moved on between the two machines.

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33 thoughts on “Honda RC30 vs Ducati V4R comparison | MCN |

  1. Oh wow I forgot that Honda once made cool superbikes which ended after the RC51 series was ended. Now they just make good landscaping equipment, generators, and snow blowers.

  2. RC30. Proper bike. Lovely to look at. V4r… Yes but I don't want to die just yet. Great idea for video and your analysis was spot on on in my opinion…. Only track days now the roads are far to dangerous for me. Thank you

  3. You can’t compare these bikes fairly,they’re from totally different eras. The RC-30 was unobtanium in its day. My local Honda shop had one for 2 years and couldn’t give it away because he wouldn’t discount it. I don’t know if he sold it because I moved. The Ducati has more power than a 500cc GP Bike and is comparatively cheap for what it is. Both are amazing bikes.

  4. The pure pleasure and excitement in the face of Michael tells us all about what it's been like to ride this RC30…

  5. 'vs'…. 'comparison'….? What versus what comparison? Ducati doesn't deserve to be in the same breath as Honda, never mind a whole damn video on it!! Can't stand Ducati, overpriced overhyped brand that only fools eat it up. It's funny how people pretend that Ducati bikes are 'beautiful' too just because everyone else fell for that stupid marketing…… it's quite funny actually.

  6. "An SV650 would probably kick it's arse around here" ha! love it. I really like this guys understated delivery. No hype required, the bikes speak for themselves.

  7. I was a Gixer 750 fan boy back in the day, but only because you saw those around and they were aspirational. The Honda was like Venus' arms and totally unobtainable by the teenage likes of me

  8. This was a great video, but badly filmed and edited. Specially on the sound department, would have loved to have more onboard footage of both bikes with proper engine sound to enjoy the differences.

    Fix the filming and editing and your content will be awesome. 🤙

  9. In 30years from now, yes there will be progress but the jump won't be the same as comparing these two.
    The 1000s today are already too much for most people if we're talking about the riders matching what the bikes are capable of.
    They should try an experiment running the V4r on track with tyres from 30years ago (if they're accessible) to see how well the older rubber would have coped with the power.

  10. Both look fantastic,the Ducati is a work of art………barring the stuck on wings,it's a shame Bautista has suddenly forgotten how to race.

  11. There is almost an absurdity in comparing these two. I have seen others, who have attempted this type of comparison, fall flat on their face, but you found a basis for comparison that not many can do.
    Not only that, you highlighted the difference between old and new, and not just with these two bikes. You are a class act. Well done mate. Fait accompli. You deserve your place in motorcycle appreciation as much as these bikes do.

  12. In a world with cameras like the GoPro hero 7, how does MCN, one of the biggest motorcycle publications in the world, use a fucking potato to record the on board footage.

    44 Teeth is so much better than MCN.

  13. MCN is such a big publisher. We love all their videos. They are rich definitely with over 200k subscribers on YouTube alone and other sources like a magazine. And they can't get a good enough microphone for onboard shots.

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