Hong Kong Protest Explained – International Crimes of Hong Kong Police in Freedom Protest

►Global Petition (English Version)

Request International Court of Arbitration to Investigate Unlawful Force of Hong Kong Police


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Free Hong Kong , The Revolution of Our Times

Five Demands, Not One Less

Complete withdrawal of the extradition bill

For the protests not to be characterised as a “riot”

Amnesty for arrested protesters

An independent inquiry into alleged police brutality

Implementation of complete universal suffrage


► Request International Court of Arbitration to Investigate Unlawful Force of Hong Kong Police

Global Petition (English Version)

Send the email to International Criminal Court


►Record of the Hong Kong Police Brutality are as Follow:

All videos of Unlawful Force of Hong Kong Police since 6 June 2019

Hong Kong Police Force Investigation Report (English Version)

Hong Kong Police Violence Database (English Version)

Unlawful use of force by Hong Kong Police (English Version)

Allegations of Hong Kong Police Force misconduct sur-rounding the 2019 Hong Kong protests (English Version)

Report of the 2019 Hong Kong Protest (English Version)

The Six-monthly Report on Hong Kong Political Development – 1 January to 30 June 2019 (English Version)

The analysis of Tear Gas (English Version)


► Hong Kong News

Hong Kong Free Press (English Version)

FactWire News Agency (English Version)

Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong. (English Version)

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41 thoughts on “Hong Kong Protest Explained – International Crimes of Hong Kong Police in Freedom Protest

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MLTm1t9ULI&feature=share French police disguised as rioters and black blocks during yellow vest protest.

  2. Selfish protestors emulating KKK. It’s all about YOU, the lower rung of society, non-productive portion of HK society. It’s getting what you want and making normal productive people and contributing members of the society miserable. HK police was of high standard back then and they are still of top standard today. The HK police didn’t change overnight. What changed was that corrupted politicians infiltrated into the Legislative Council, manipulating the students and the corrupted media like Apple Daily and RTHK selling low quality propaganda for simple minded people who have poor analytical skills. Readers of Apple Daily are over-represented by people with low self-esteem who are prejudice, who center their view of a superiority complex, pretty much like the KKK mind of America in the south. The protestors are essentially exhibiting the beliefs and behaviors of the KKK members, justifying wrong into right.

  3. So many edited footages..

    Most of these are useless. Only the part where the K9 was unprotected should the police be punished, other then that the rioters had what they deserved.

    There was no planting of evidence, police will only take a weapon and place it on a criminals backpack if they believe the criminal/rioter used it in the riots.

    The woman's eye was shot by a steel ball bearing that caused the rupture and not a bean bag shot by the police.

    Don't argue with the police unless you want to escalate something. If one party feels threatened in a fight and lash out first, don't expect to be sympathised at. Same for a fight, you escalate a situation and yet you get surprised when you get beat up.

    So is the police unallowed to enter private property becasue criminals are hiding there? If so I rather have not have democracy becasue clearly it only serves the rich and the powerful. The terrorist in Hong Kong used many of these residence to hide in. If you are a family living in a condominium and police can't enter becasue of the rioters that escaped into the flats, would you not fear for your safety?

    Dressing up as a protestor is legal and the police can and will do it. It is to watch out for the instigators and to identify them. There is nothing wrong with undercover police.

    They will not allow first aiders to help rioters and terrorist becasue the police fear for their safety. These terrorist and rioters would do absolutely whatever they can and will try to find a way to avoid the consequences no matter the cost.

    If a minor is charged with stabbing. He will be arrested. Same as these riots, they wield weapons and will and can kill people who have different opinions then them or looks like mainland Chinese. Just ask the man who got lit on fire and the 70 year old uncle who died with a brick to the head.

    Excessive use of violence? That's a joke right? To quell a riot you do what you have to do.

    I'm unsure about the triads so I will leave it here and not comment.

    The train incident where the edited footage is mostly played is not what it seams. The protestors (non violent in this scenario) were blocking the train doors from closing. The commuters got into a fight with them and soon the police came in and tried to forcefully remove them.

    Sexual abuse… Simon cheng begs to differ.

    Murder and rape? Murder of the girl? Who committed sucide even when the mom confirmed it and the rioters still want to use the incident to push their terrorist agenda? Disgusting sub human filth.

  4. This HK police are very restraint. Maybe too soft.
    When you don't obey the police on duty, it's normally to face this outcome.

  5. Those Terrorists are fucking bombing the streets, buildings, cars, and trains, setting people on fire for speaking out against them, these are NOT "protest", these jackasses are TERRORISTS, and must be put down as quickly as possible and by any means necessary


  6. Please add this.

  7. Why not show the 13 International Crimes of the rioters: setting a man with a different point of view on fire resulting in burns to 42% of his body; killing a harmless 70 year old by throwing a brick at his head; beating up civilians who disagree with your viewpoints; throwing petrol bombs and bric a brac at police with intent to kill; trying to steal an officer's revolver; shooting lethal arrows at the police wounding one; throwing corrosive acid at the police; burning shops, banks and depriving people of their only means of livelihhod; picking on and beating up mainlanders; occupying the airport and inconveniencing thousands of travellers; launching an unprovoked attack on a mainland reporter and beating him senseless; beating up a businessman from Manila just because he refused to take your leaflet; blocking major arteries for days to force people to join your so-called strikes. Schools and unis had to close and traffic snarled for miles; dropping incendiaries onto passing cars…. Shall I go on? Human rights go both ways, you idiots. And Karma's going to be a bitch.

  8. Title "Hong Kong Police Protests" a bit confusing for me. Who protests? Against?
    Perhaps just keep '"13 International Crimes Committed by the Hong Kong Police" since June 2019"'. Just a suggestion.

  9. It would be better to put down more details to describe what the videos are doing. I think only people who have watched the clips before know what is going on

  10. too many errors, some suggestions:
    1. Face covered or masked without proper display of numbers, insignia, or warrant cards
    2. Not following safety guidelines when using weapons
    3 Enter private residential buildings, private hospitals, and shopping malls without permission
    4. Police K9 working under hazardous conditions without proper tear gas protection gear
    5. Plant evidence on protesters repeatedly after arrest
    6, Impersonate protesters with the intention to deceive public or frame protesters
    7 Block ambulances, first aiders in order to delay rescue and proper medical treatment
    8 Arrest indiscrimi

  11. Blocking press to films the truths, blocking arresters from saying their names and delying arrested people to seek for lawyers and contacting their families, government using guns to shoot at the press and citizens just for no reasons, just for fun,

  12. Please add Nov. Events, attacked several universities, arrest doctors, press, first aid, outside of Poly University, knee down of citizens, beaten citizens or protestors, etc.

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