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April 9th, 2019 – How to Clean your DJ Controller

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49 thoughts on “How to Clean your DJ controller | Mobile DJ | Pioneer DDJ SZ

  1. Stuff to use when cleaning your controller

    Micro fiber towel
    Rubbing Alcohol (isopropyl)
    Compressed Air

  2. "…or those Hercules controllers." Yo what a coincidence, I just happen to have the Starlight and the Inpulse 200. They're small so they're cool to hang out with in all kinds of different scenes. With my bluetooth and one of those controllers I go to the park or wherever and it's instant dj time!. That's a cool little hang out and it's free advertising.

  3. Sorry if this was asked previously… what studio monitors are you using? Great video btw!

    Never mind…. seen your studio tour video… 😁😁👍👍

  4. Rick what case do you have and what did you use to elevate your SZ to incorporate your driverack. I have an SZ case now but def can;t stash anything underneath it.. Great job bro! Keep the content going.

  5. any tips on how to bring the black metal color back after it fades ? I bought a used controller as a back up, and its so dull looking..

  6. I have a ION icdo2 CD mixer. Wonder how to clean them. Are they great mixers to. I have a pair JBLs EON 615 to. I use CDs and a laptop.

  7. Yes people CLEAN YOUR GEAR!!! I see people’s pictures of they gear and people selling their gear and it’s all dusty and dirty. Nasty!!!

  8. This is a 25 percent job !!!! You only got the face of your controller … you still need contacts and knobs … you need DEOXIT TO GET ALL THE OIL DIRT AND GRIM FROM THE I SIDE OF THE KNOBS .. this doesn’t do nothing but clean the face of your controller I have been using my SX2 for years and no issues …

  9. Mine I always clean with multipurpose cleaning after gig. but i haven't tried to tear down and clean thoroughly kinda afraid hehehe! but i will do this someday as this need more time and effort. thanks for the tips rick. keep it up! One thing Rick is alcohol not harming the top platter?

  10. I always mitigate dust build-up in the first place by covering the equipment with decksavers or some kind of cover when it's not in use which prevents dust settling in the crevices, great video by the way and keep up the good work

  11. Great video rick and advice can you do some videos on how to clean your laptop and speakers and mixers is it the same or do you need to do it differently?

  12. I take my knobs off soak them in soapy water. I take a 2-inch clean paintbrush and dust it off and also in the cracks and crevices I also use a cue tip to clean a few spots and vacuum some things like the faders.

  13. I hate fingerprints, I clean my controller, speakers and computer everytime before I head to my gig with a dry microfiber cloth.

  14. I have a Hercules DJ control MP3 e2 and the right fader is not working properly it messes around but I don't know what the problem is with the fader can u give me some tips on how to fix the problem also witch software do u use

  15. would love to see the deep cleaning process! I have a DDJ-SZ2 and a DDJ-SR, my SZ2 has been spotless since I bought it (new). My SR however, certainly could use a deep clean, having bought it used 😛

  16. i all clean my equipment next day off work , including cable everything . Good Video Dj Rick Web , like alway .

  17. A good professional DJ should always take care his or her equipment. To me your not a Professional if you don't, I don't care how popular or how many gigs you book!!!!

  18. Are you going to be getting the denon prime 4 and if you do get it could you do a review on it if you purchase one.

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