47 thoughts on “How To Download and Install a Torrent (Sims 2)

  1. Can you download custom content? If so please tell me how. I actually NEED to put cc on to this. Anyone know how?

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, but the game crashes whenever i enter create a family, does anyone know how to fix this?

  3. It's not working for me!!!!!!-.- wtf?!! soooo angry! it's says that i need to have – DirectX 9.0c – what I need to do?!!

  4. Anyone help me. I clicked on the link that she gave us but it just came out in black screen with a pirate picture on it. 

  5. LISTEN UP GUYS you dont freaking torrents to download the sims 2… ;.; there's much easier methods i'l show u hot to get the gamehackstudios crack (its the easiest, no torrents and bs):

    A.) Go to Google (or whatever search engine you prefer) and search: "*The Sims 2 Crack gamehackstudios*", and then click onto the gamehackstudios website (make sure you go to the actual website gamehackstudios

    B.) Once you reach the website download the full .ZIP file (it's called thesims2.gamehackstudios.zip) – this could take anywhere up to a couple of hours depending on your internet speed, so be patient while its dl'ing 

    C.) Once the download is done, extract the .ZIP file to your desktop (you will need WINRAR to do this). The .ZIP file contains your game including the setup, crack etc. There will also be a REALLY SIMPLE instruction file, which u have to read  =)

    D.) Enjoy this epic game. Btw the gamehackstudios crack is the latest patches and also has almost all of the expansions.. 🙂

    If it worked for you give give it a thumbs up so others can get it as well… you know how much it sucks when u wanna get a game and you cant!! just thought id share how I got it .. Love and Peace 🙂 #TheSims2  

  6. comfort yourself and just click the link in the description and all of it will start downloading , she's annoying as fuck

  7. It's going to take 11h tho but oh well it's worth it plus I have WinRAR to so it's kind of like how yours is on the video so it should work and its the same placement thank god 😀 all the other videos are know where near the same placement!

  8. Omg.. I think it's actually going to work.. I've been looking for one that worked all day.. I'm so happy I found your video thank you so much :D.. you just made my night! I luv you for that! (:

  9. Every time I download this torrent or any similar Sims 2 Double Deluxe torrents, it will run the game for a while and as soon as i get into playing it will pop up with an error message "Sims will now be terminated" and it closes it.

  10. It didn't work. It says: Windows found a problem, it will close down the aplication and notify you if there is a solution.
     And it crashed once, any help???

  11. Do I have too download DirectX? Because my sims 2 is crashing and i havent downloaded it. I am reintstalling it with the DirectX. Hope it works…….

  12. OMG!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! I have been trying to download sims 2 for AGES and now it has worked!!! Thank you SO SO SO MUCH!!!! I know this makes me look crazy but I'm just so happy! Its downloading right now, so i will comment if it worked or not. But still, thanks!!! 🙂

  13. one question when  you are done with downloading. The second thing you must do is click on the sims 2 AIO installer or do someihting with winrar. Because i don´t know what to do with the files in winrar please help me!

  14. Does this still work? I'm about to try it, since NONE of the rest of the videos on YouTube were helpful. All the comments here are good, so I hope I wont regret once again haha. If it works, I will recommend it + subscribe and like.

  15. Hi there! This is very helpful. Thanks a bunch. 🙂 It's a long wait to download, mine took around 7 hours  but it's worth it. If anyone's wondering this works fine on Windows 8.1. Thanks again, Katie!~ 😀

  16. Thank you so much! I'm installing it on Utorrent (on my laptop too! :D) and it's downloading reaaalllyyyy fast for such a big game (on a crappy laptop)oh and I could never figure out how to use camtasia xD

  17. I try to download it and it works fine up until I get to create a sim mode and then it crashes. Any sugggestions?

  18. Can you help me? Mine keeps saying Error Mansion/Garden stuff did not install or installed improperly. Install or reinstall. I can't fix it, and I don't know what to do! I love sims 2 and now I can't play it, and I feel like i'm going to cry!

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