How to GET EASY WINS in TFT! Hyper-Rolling Strategy | Teamfight Tactics | LoL Auto Chess

In this game of TFT Disguised Toast covers the strategy of Hyper Rolling in a tutorial/guide-esque manner. Toast covers if, how and when you should use it to up your Teamfight Tactics game when an opportunity arises. Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “How to GET EASY WINS in TFT! Hyper-Rolling Strategy | Teamfight Tactics | LoL Auto Chess

  1. It's nice to see you on tft after watching you allot on hearthstone. I hope to see you more on the riot card game! Keep up the great content!

  2. man…I get up and i'm like "ok i'm going to do 1 hour of work before rewarding myself with a tft game" then I watch this whole video instead :/

  3. what's crazy about this is you had 30g after your rerolling…and 2 3-stars. I usually end up burning all my gold and have to continue rerolling a few stages before I get 3-stars, but I think it's because I was doing it too slow into level 5. I didn't know it had to be done at level 4 so yea glad I watched this…gonna try to do it faster and finish before level 5. I just can't believe you had 30g afterward…that makes this so fucking worth because you didn't lose that much interest really. Then you can keep those 3 stars to late game and build your comp off them

  4. dude its awsome really works..!! i did 5 minions lvl 3…its really good to finish quest fast thnx!! 🙂

  5. I know it's an older video, but he literally had 2 2* champs already and how could he know that he gets a 3* kassa out of it. 2 rolls with 3 kassadins? that's just lucky. Imagine he sold his kassadin so he can keep tristana or if he tried to hit graves. Like, you can't know which units to sell and where you hit 3*, thus making this "strategy" completely luck dependent. He wouldn't have got 3* tristana or graves if he went for them, but he could've got a 3* vayne.

  6. Bro what if you dont go to interest and use all your gold to refresh and buy xp every stages? Is it ok to do in rank?

  7. I love you to death, but for the love of god, your incorrect use of 'much' in every single video is driving me fucking nuts. Only use 'much' for uncountable nouns: Much money. Much fame. Much power. Use 'many' for countable nouns: Many people. Many things. 1:58 "As many Phantom Dancers as we can".

  8. Thx for the guide winning all game since i follow your advises in combination with the Total TFT app advisor :)) On the way to diamond

  9. after watching this, I won the very next game I played! This strategy truly works! Thank you! I was really struggling to win.

  10. Hi, just a question. Why do you check other people's champion if you've rolled a high tier champion? Like on 18:54 where he says "Anyone looking for akali"?

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