How to get Full Refund – Ebay Money Back Guarantee vs Paypal Buyer Protection Review

How to get a Full Refund from Ebay Australia and on Paypal for Item Not Received.
Review of my experience with Ebay Money Back Guarantee policy & How it Works VS Paypal Buyer Protection policy & How does it work.
Ebay refund claim process through Paypal. Paypal refund policy 2019.
Luxury shopping fail!


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28 thoughts on “How to get Full Refund – Ebay Money Back Guarantee vs Paypal Buyer Protection Review

  1. I always ask to speak to a supervisor if the trainee insists and says what is your problem i can help you keep on asking to speak to a supervisor just insist to speak to a supervisor do not give in i know what they are like i bought many things on ebay and it has been a nightmare.

  2. 👍🏻 I could listen to you speak ALL DAY LONG!! Your voice makes even a nightmarish situation sound HEAVENLY!😂 So Sorry you had to go through this…great video!

  3. That's not right the Buyer has all the rights to claim back the Money it didn't even say it was Delivered to your address it didn't even have a signature , that's why many people rather shop else where because of this, it mainly affects electronics with refunds and very expensive ones this is why scammers have such a paradise online

  4. Wow, what a scare! I feel for you and understand how stressful it would be. I had a similar situation with Vestiaire and their customer support was useless. The color of bag differ from photos and had awful smell but it went through their check as good condition! So like you I put up a fight with my credit card and thank goodness won. Another time I pay a set custom fee with Vestiaire but it ended up to be almost $100 less which they don't refund, and DHL lost my package and I'm the one calling all week!! Not once did they track package or contact me. I also recently purchased from an eBay Japanese seller and wanted her to hold off shipment to combine shipping with another auction ending in a week but she shipped it. When I asked seller, she said it was because I paid, she told me "We have to ship items within one business day from your payment. If we do not do that, we will get penalty from eBay." I thought I have to pay when I win an auction or I'll lose the item and seller didn't tell me not to when I message her…wth My husband used to sell jewelry on eBay and would run into scams but told me they always side with the buyer. So maybe they side with party that gives them a lot of biz. I also bought a fake Chanel tweed bag recently on eBay but thank goodness getting a refund was easy bc seller claims she didn't know herself and agree to refund me. I always use an authentication service. This bag came with everything, card, sticker, dust bag, box, camilla, ribbon… And it's not a classic but a seasonal. Now I prefer to buy from US sellers since I'm in US and I don't ship internationally when I sell. I get really nervous selling items over a few thousand. Thank you for sharing as always, hope we both have better luck next time. XO

  5. Wow!!! That was crazy! I can’t believe you had to go through all that stress. The seller clearly did not read your note !! I am so glad you pushed forward, defended yourself and got a FULL refund as a result! I will definitely keep your tips in mind when buying an expensive item on eBay or any platform.

  6. Love the new quality audio BTW. 🙂 Your problem just reminds me of the 2019 mantra my family has been following, "JUST DO YOUR JOB": If people just do THEIR jobs- no low cunning pursuit of gain/overly-emotional reactionary behavior/personal bias(es), just professionalism & duties one is responsible for- everything goes well. 😉

  7. Omg, 😱 that's a shit show right there. So sorry to hear. I have a horrible sorry to tell too. I'm going to film it soon heheheh…

    On the technical side, what editor did u use for your video? I'm inspired and yours look neat.

  8. I had a totally different experience with eBay. I was a victim of "bate and switch" while purchasing a luxury item on eBay and eBay sited with me very quickly and I had my full refund within 3 weeks.

  9. Listening to your story brings back stressful memories of a bad incident I had with ebay/paypal. Not as large a purchase as you and I was the seller but still the same dealings with the whole process. I am happy it turned out well for you. I too lost initially but did not give up and finally got my $$ back but the buyer also got their $$ back which still bugs me because they totally lied:(

  10. I am so glad that you got your money back. eBay is a great service but it’s a nightmare when things go wrong. I had two bad experiences in the past 6 months from the other side, buyer fraud. eBay sorted out one in my favour within two weeks and were really good. PayPal on the other hand were a nightmare. It took 4 months to sort out the second fraud and before the case was fully investigated I had to pay for a full refund plus a service charge, then they sent debt collectors after me one week after I had already paid it. I did eventually get the amount of the refund back but not the service charge. On the whole it was a pretty poor effort and 4 months of stress. Also, never at any point was the buyer asked to return the item, they just got to keep that no matter what the outcome was.
    Sadly, living in Australia, the options available for selling luxury goods is very limited, especially now that Vestiaire Collective appears to be gone, and eBay is looking like the only option available.


  12. Wow! I have to hand it to you & your hubby! What a horrible situation! Just goes to show you that one should never give up when they know they are right. I personally have never had an experience like yours & hopefully never will however thanks to you I know now what to do before I make an expensive purchase. I am so happy you received your money however I am pretty sure my swear word would have been worse than yours!😂😂 take care😘😘🙋‍♀️

  13. Wonderful information. Thank you for this video explaining all that happened with eBay and PayPal. I will only use PayPal when purchasing from eBay. I hope you will be able to get your ring someday, your a beautiful person and deserve it.
    Thanks again

  14. wow… crazy… thanks for sharing… my story was diff… I've got multiple scammer tried to purchase and actually paid over $3k for my bag using a stolen card… or credit info… Paypal have been great so far.. I just refunded and reported the fake acct

  15. Ebay no longer owns PayPal as of 2015.

    But this is a horror story… but wonder if the seller was saving money or trying to avoid theft by declaring a much lesser value for the jewelry.

  16. Thanks for sharing but I had a bad experience with EBay back in college. 🤯😤 Never again, I’ll just buy my stuff directly from the boutiques. 👍🏻😘😘😘Sandy

  17. Hi! what happened to the seller? they marked the item at 900$, so that is all they got? they are out for the rest of the money?

  18. I am so glad you fought and got your money back! Thank you for the tips, especially about using private message instead of the notes field on the order screen. I have gone through the Ebay money back guarantee with one purchase (golf club) and PayPal dispute process with one purchase (handbag) and all both went in my favor. Evidence was key with both of my claims, too. Got everything in writing and provided screenshots when needed. So glad things turn out well for you in the end. Thank you for another informative video! Hope to see a Van Cleef jewelry unboxing from you in the future! ♡♡♡

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