How To Get The Sims 2 Pets (Torrent Download)

-The Sims 2 Pets-
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47 thoughts on “How To Get The Sims 2 Pets (Torrent Download)

  1. LISTEN UP GUYS If you wanna get the full game you don't need stupid freaking torrents -__- this is the easiest crack which I've found so far: 

    A.) Go to Google (or whatever search engine you prefer) and search: "*The Sims 2 Crack gamehackstudios*", and then click onto the gamehackstudios website (make sure you go to the actual website gamehackstudios

    B.) Once you reach the website download the full .ZIP file (it's called – this could take anywhere up to a couple of hours depending on your internet speed, so be patient while its dl'ing 

    C.) Once the download is done, extract the .ZIP file to your desktop (you will need WINRAR to do this). The .ZIP file contains your game including the setup, crack etc. There will also be a REALLY SIMPLE instruction file, which u have to read  =)

    D.) Enjoy this epic game. Btw the gamehackstudios crack is the latest patches and also has almost all of the expansions.. 🙂

    If it worked for you give give it a thumbs up so others can get it as well… you know how much it sucks when u wanna get a game and you cant!! just thought id share how I got it ;p Love and Peace 🙂   #Sims2FreeDownload   

  2. guys if you want to get this game just for free then simply go to oxygeno.weebly. com its really safe free and legit and also many more expansion packs  and also sims 3 are available, simply search your game and follow the steps and the game will be yours !

  3. Oops! Google Chrome could not find

    Access a cached copy of thepiratebay.­sx/­torrent/­6649165/­The_Sims_2_Pe.­.­.­

  4. I did what u said in the video step by step and i click on it and it says;"please insert the correct CD-ROM,select ok and restart application

  5. It's not working to me. 🙁
    And when i tried to open it pops out the message " Please Ensure your CD bla bla bla.. =w= "
    And my Save files in The sims 2 Double deluxe is gone and my custom hairs. T.T
    Crap.. :/

  6. hey, i was try to install it, but in the end it appears box that say sims updater and also "please insert CD 4", so can you have the CD 4 link for me?

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