How to make a "aa" Replica in Unity (Livestream Tutorial)

This is a recording of the monthly livestream. This time we make a replica of the popular mobile game “aa”!

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25 thoughts on “How to make a "aa" Replica in Unity (Livestream Tutorial)

  1. Thank u very much <3
    now, after ending this tutorial it is time to get back to feeling fever and sickness
    wish me good luck ;D

  2. using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using UnityEngine;

    public class rot : MonoBehaviour


    public float speed = 100f;

    void update()


    transform.Rotate(0f, 0f, speed * Time.deltaTime);


    whats the problem the game not rotate

  3. This game remindes me when I competed with 100 million brothers of mine over one giant egg. No wonder why gaming runs in our core.

    Oh, I won that race of course 😉

  4. The triple Game Over messeges are because the spear of the pin launched hit the circle of the pin already pinned witch gives 2 messeges, then, the circle of the pin launched hit the circle of the pinned pin witch gives another messege.

  5. the pins are stopping at different y levels, like one of the pins will be really high while another will be halfway in the rotator

  6. Bro, this channel actually inspires me to be programmer, because of how cool it is, but i also feel it may become boring after couple months, so for now coding is just a hobby of mine

  7. Can anyone help .. what is hapening in line 9,10at arround 28:25 and in the inspector window,why did he set rotator as rotator and spawner as pinspawnpoint
    Any one plzz…

  8. Can you please make the knife hit game tutorial. I have an assignment to submit for my internship. I really need your help. Hope you will consider. Love and appreciation from India.😄

  9. I dont know why my pin cannot stick on the circle . I have sen twice before 15.58 and try to give up this tutorial

  10. Hey, firstable you are amazing.
    I have a problem, why when i try to put the rotator and the spawnPoint objects inside the canvas, and when i run the game, the rotator and the pins are distorted?( when the game running the rotator change all the time elliptic shape)

    For the protocol, the game works fine when the rotator and the spawnPoint is outside the canvas

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