How to Play: Citadels

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Wrapped in a medieval theme and gorgeously illustrated, players seek to be the first to complete a grand city of their own. Each game round players secretly take the roles of either the King, Magician, Architect, Assassin, Thief, Bishop, General, or Merchant and seek to use the powers of such offices in their efforts to win the game.


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13 thoughts on “How to Play: Citadels

  1. Great review!
    The only thing I wonder is whether in the process of removing cards before character selection, should the face up card be the first to be removed to avoid knowing that the king is in the deck if it chosen by chance to be the face up card. This seems important as, for example, if the king is chosen first the second player will know it has been chosen and then immediately be able to assassinate the king with this knowledge.

  2. I've played this quite a few times with some friends. I think we always turned face up one of the two discarded character cards before we did our roles, but I can't remember which one. Guess that's just the way they liked to play.

  3. I love the artwork to this game, but I've found that the game gets slowed down too much by every player having to choose a new character card every round.

    Because rounds are not very long at all, more time is spent (in total) choosing character cards than playing the game.

    I was really wanting to love this game, but this flaw made the game unplayable for our group.

  4. during one of the games I played we encountered a problem. we couldn't find an explanation in rules. basically we were 3 players and we had 2 characters each, so when a thief or whatever he's called steals my money from one of the characters, does it mean I lose all of my gold or not, because in the rules it said that the gold is shared

  5. The different rules for character selection based on player number confuses me. What's the purpose of sometimes placing unchosen character cards face up or face down depending on the player numbers? What difference does that make?

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