How To Play – Citadels

In this game tutorial, you’ll learn how to play the bakey board game “Citadels.”

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25 thoughts on “How To Play – Citadels

  1. Quick question: My friend Vinny is 6'8" tall, but he's actually two kids standing atop one another in a trench coat. Should he go first?

  2. NOT THE REAL RULES. Please click the Report button and select "misleading" so that others don't get duped by this nonsense too.

  3. I've never played Citadels, but I can tell I'd much rather play the common ruleset rather than the rules in this video.

  4. I used to hate this game, but now that I see how it's supposed to be played I might give it another try. I've been so, so ignorant for so long. Thank you Dragon's Tomb.

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