How To Set Up The Pioneer DDJ-SZ For Scratching

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Here we take a look at the mighty Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller, and cover the settings you need to optimise for best scratching performance. (Plus a little demo too)


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37 thoughts on “How To Set Up The Pioneer DDJ-SZ For Scratching

  1. Im waiting for the SZ3 i own the SX2 which is a great bit of kit dont get me wrong but i want the larger jog wheels saying this i will try the SX3 out before i get the SZ3.

  2. i tap the link but it only send me a mail to go to the your website… thought i was going to get the scratch effete

  3. hello can you show how to setup serato dj with the pioneer ddj sx 2 for scratching plesase '''//////thx///have a nice day

  4. i have one of these units, but one deck i can't get it to scratch . i've done as you instructed . it just keep moving foward . can you do a video showing how to correct this problem

  5. Wow love video i learnt a lot just got mines, btw the scratch really sound nice had me bumping my head to it, great job buddy, thanks. 

  6. You should have added THE cut in time adjustment? ITS a bit more advanced setting only entered by holding a couple a buttons while starting THE SZ. Then U Can use THE left track select Rotary to change THE cut in time in addition to just adjusting THE cut in curve. especially THE more advanced turntablist Will need this for even sharper cut in times are required for flares and crabstule scratches. Other then that… Thumbsup up

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