How to treat Stomach Ulcers + H. Pylori (COMPLETE GUIDE) ✨💊

I’ll guide you through how I naturally treated my Stomach Ulcers + H. Pylori
My h. pylori tested negative after 12 weeks of treatment and my stomach pain
dissapeared and other symptoms dissapeared. (INFO AND LINKS IN DESCRIPTION)

Smoking – Nicotine will increase the amount of acid in the stomach
This can really create too much acid and make the stomach ulcers WORSE!!!
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Mastic Gum – Study-
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L-Glutamine- Leaky gut – gut damage healing

Zinc Carnosine – For ulcers –

Papaya – Benifits – healing properties


Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, cabbage juice, Brussel sprouts, salads, gentle fruits, lot’s of great foods like Oats, nuts, seeds. Cranberry juice.
I ate oats every single day to calm my stomach in the morning sometimes twice a day.
I would also eat foods like rice. Avoid processed foods, eat good foods like berries too, cranberries may be helpful,

With I believe the acception of the cayenne possibly.


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26 thoughts on “How to treat Stomach Ulcers + H. Pylori (COMPLETE GUIDE) ✨💊

  1. This is awesome. Thank you so much for posting this. I have h pylori and could not tolerate the antibiotics. Am trying natural mastic gum, oil of oregano, broccoli sprouts, bismuth and it's been slow. After 2 weeks I still feel sick. I get a bit discouraged. Will try adding some of your suggestions.

  2. I’ve been taking digestive enzymes and probiotics which helped a lot but choosing what to eat is the most difficult part , i eat oatmeal and i have veggies and salmon and for my last meal veggies and tiliapia and i felt amazing till i was told eating fish everyday is bad so i tried tofu and it made me really bloated and now i feel so ill

  3. Thanks for sharing, how did you avoid recontaminating your self like did you use a new toothbrush everyday and disposable utensils? I was drinking a lot of Kangen and alkaline water also before being diagnosed.

  4. Hi, thanks for your video. H pylori did some damage to my gut. It led to back pain which I suffered from for almost 2 years before I realised. I have tried everything – Grapefruit seed extract, sulforaphane, garlic, zinc, DGL, mastic gum. Your video has now helped me to know what to focus on. The back pain is almost gone as I have been using zinc and l-glutamine as well.

    >> Now, what do you think about pylopass? Would you recommend that? I have been using it and I just hope it's worth it.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! One question. In the video you recommend the Thorne pepti-guard but the link you provide leads to Thorne GI encap botanical. Does it make a big difference? Or would you recommend both?

    Im stoked i found your video. Ordering everything now and I'll keep y'all updated. Subscribed😁

  6. I was diagnosed with H. Pylori. And I too used a alkaline water filter. After watching your video, I just put that thing out. Thank you for sharing and helping those who suffer with this horrible bacteria.

  7. Omg I love your honesty and the love of working to eliminate H pylori because I’m working it out my system currently!!! And you are right about the Amazing formula brand for Mastic gum I took it and it was a filler brand!
    I looked on eBay for mastic gum but the seller was on vacation so I needed quick. I purchased mines through Vitacost they have their own brand but it comes directly from Greece. When I opened the bottle the smell hit me it was a beautiful and strong scent that the Amazing Formula brand did not have at all!

    Thanks for your work✌🏾

  8. I've actually learned that h pylori can cause anxiety. I've seen several videos on here where people where having anxiety attacks and couldn't catch their breath…and it was because of h pylori and the brain-gut axis. Now, how do you use mastic gum in a powder? I have capsules but now I'm afraid they are full of filler lol

  9. Hi bro,

    I have a few duodenal ulcers and GERD (Reflux) and esophagus inflammation.

    I take some ppi's (2×20 MG), Zink-L-Carnosine supplements, i drink pure aloë vera, juice a lot of red cabbage,.. but I still feel sick for week 5 now. The most difficult part is the globus feeling in my throat. I'm 24/24 nauseous.

    Any suggestions? It drives me crazy.

  10. Thanks for the info. I think main is the stress, my dad passed away few months back first was the Heart attack (plus open heart surgery ) then over medication by the doctors that led to scar in his stomach and then stomach cancer, most stressful moment of my life almost a year, then 2 months back started having GERD, plus Gastritis and HPYLORI, can't believe these shitty things all come together with full force of vengeance when you are down. 

    I have been taking some of the supplements I need to buy some of the one you recommended. It's a slow process.

    Thank you.

  11. Save your money buying more supplements. The only way I won my two years battle with this illness is by cutting out sugar. That include carbs that turns to sugar. Simply cut it out.

  12. Will be doing this!!! Thank you for keeping it simple.

    As for brocolli sprouts….idk what it is but brocolli makes me gassy and sporuts are intolerable

  13. I am sorry to bother you again🙂
    After how many days or weeks have you noticed that protocol was working and when did you get rid of all the symptoms?

  14. Very very helpful ♥️
    Iv been taking mAstic gum in supplement form capsules which cost me £45 ! Guess what? Your right bro, it didn’t work because as I ate it gave me the worst stomach pain that felt like someone held a blow torch on it. It is 2 areas in specific that really felt burning pain 😬
    Iv ordered liquorice root and will follow your protocol. Really appreciate the video. God bless u bro ♥️✌️

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