How to use the Photoshop Free Transform mode | tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial shows how to scale, skew, and rotate an image using the Free Transform mode. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter ten of the Photoshop CS5 Essential Training course presented by author Michael Ninness. The complete Photoshop CS5 Essential Training course has a total duration of 11 hours and 15 minutes and shows the most efficient ways to perform common editing tasks, including noise reduction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, retouching, and combining multiple images

Photoshop CS5 Essential Training table of contents:

1. It Begins in Bridge
2. Whittling Down to “Keepers”
3. Camera Raw Essentials
4. Fixing Common Problems Quickly with Camera Raw
5. Retouching and Using Creative Techniques with Camera Raw
6. Automating Camera Raw
7. Photoshop Interface Essentials
8. Documents and Navigation
9. Digital Image Essentials
10. Cropping and Transformations
11. Working with Layers
12. Selections and Layer Masks
13. Tone and Color Correction with Adjustment Layers
14. Additional Options for Tone and Color Correction
15. Retouching Essentials
16. Combining Multiple Images
17. Essential Filters
18. Essential Blend Modes
19. Type Essentials
20. Essential Layer Effects and Styles
21. Sharing Images


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41 thoughts on “How to use the Photoshop Free Transform mode | tutorial

  1. Looks like the free transform tool now defaults to scale which seems counter intuitive especially since there is already a scale transform option. The shift key is now needed to transform the object freely instead of being used for scaling…smh.

  2. I cannot free transform a png I added. It won't let me pick it under EDIT it's greyed out, and won't let me do it via CTR T. WHAT IS GOING ON???

  3. My free transform is cloning my layer every time i alter the image in any way, even without applying the transform… And the little thing in the center of the transform box is missing.

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