I bought a $65 Mjolnir Replica off eBay! Is it WORTHY?! REVIEW

I bought a $65 Mjolnir Replica off eBay! Is it WORTHY?! REVIEW | Official NoobStrength Video

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Since Captain America is worthy of Mjölnir as of Avengers Endgame, I thought it would be an appropriate time to review the Mjolnir replica cosplay prop that I’ve had for a little bit in my very best Asgardian Chris Hemsworth Thor impression. I’ve also been considering cosplaying as Thor sometime in the future so there’s that.

It cost just $65 off eBay, which is not really a lot. So the question remains: is this a good Mjolnir replica? Especially considering the price? Cosplay weapons (especially popular ones like Thor’s hammer) are certainly are not cheap! Well in the video review, you will find out exactly that.

Like my previous video review of the Cattoys Captain America helmet, I will cover a few categories including, looks, features, durability and a bonus “pull me off” test 😉

Enjoy! And do let me know if you think I should cosplay as Thor Odinson in the future!

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5 thoughts on “I bought a $65 Mjolnir Replica off eBay! Is it WORTHY?! REVIEW

  1. I bought a different one because this one was out of stock with the base so it was just the hammer but I wanted the base as well but the pictures are the same so hopefully they look the same. I noticed the photos on ebay make it look like a light brown but in person does it look like it does in your video?

  2. Sweet ,I bought a 1.1 replica Hawkeye's bow ,quiver ,arrows but I won't be going to any cons with it the arrows are pretty real it cost 200 all together 🎯🧠⛓

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