1. I'm brand new to selling items on Ebay and this was a very informative video. I have lots of Hot Wheels cars and now I know what prices to set them at and what shipping charges I need to use. Thank you for the upload and I'll be checking out your cars on Ebay. Randall from Florida.

  2. Hey Lonnie you can find these little boxes on eBay 50 – 3x3x1 Small White Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Shipping Mailing Box you can also look up small mailing boxes also Office Depot has them also amazon has them

  3. Great video, my poor ole Matchbox cars caught heck with me when I was young, most are destroyed, big ups to anyone who was able to collect their cars like that!

  4. Great video. Those cars are racking up for you. It would be awesome if you sell them all and never have to Lot them up.

  5. For the Hot Wheels, maybe try picking up some 4×5.5 bubble wrap pouches? I use them all the time for the small items I sell. Super easy to pack the cars into with plenty of protection!

  6. Bound is a great movie! Sexy & intense. Most of the movie takes place in one apartment, and Joe Pantoliano steals the show!

  7. Cherry Picking CD's For Profit. 🙂 Somewhere somebody is super stoked that they found a David Cassidy "Didn't You Used To Be" CD worth $3.12 on the Declutter app.

  8. Those are some nice boxes to box the cars up! Pete had picked up those boxes from me a few weeks back! Love it Lonnie

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