iPad Air 2019 Review: The “just right” iPad

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For the last few years, Apple’s iPad lineup has had a large and obvious hole in it. At one end, there’s the $329 iPad, an affordable way to do basic computing and run the many excellent apps out there. It cuts some corners with a years-old design, older processors and a less-advanced screen, but for most people it’s good enough. At the other end, there’s the iPad Pro, which Apple has made increasingly more powerful in the three years since it first arrived. At this point, it’s a bleeding-edge device with a big, beautiful screen, Apple’s best design and a crazy-fast processor. It’s also quite a bit more expensive, with a starting price of $799.

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49 thoughts on “iPad Air 2019 Review: The “just right” iPad

  1. If you can find a 2017 ipad pro 10.5 for the same price or cheaper as the Air 3, go for the Pro 10.5 100%. You can still find them, and at decently low prices now. The only thing the Air 3 has over the old Pro, is a slightly faster CPU. The GPU on the Pro destroys the Air. 4GB RAM on the Pro vs 3GB on the Air. 120Hz screen on the Pro vs 60Hz on the Air. 4 speakers on the Pro vs 2 on the Air. It's better in almost every way, especially in day to day unsability, like screen responsiveness and sound.

  2. I bought the iPad Pro 2018 few days ago I had the iPad air but sold it and the iPad mini 4 as well but the pro is by far the best iPad I’ve ever used.

  3. Thanks. I needed to know the differences between ipad air and new ipad. I imagine the air wins and is worth the relatively small difference in price. Will not become as obsolete as quickly either, i imagine.

  4. Its the Ipad i will be getting and the first Apple product i will own. I go Samsung mostly but i want the best tablet in the game which are only made by apple. Samsung tablets are good but arent design to stay around for longer than 2 years. Tablets are things that you buy a new one as soon as the you have isnt that good anymore. There not like phones were just upgrade it with your plan every 2 or 3 years.

  5. I totally agree with you, I have just bought the iPad Air. It is so much cheaper than the pro. I was able to buy the pro, pencil and keyboard for less than the pro. I so love the pencil.

  6. I don’t understand why Apple created this. The 5 inch is a good lightweight machine that’s extra portable while the 11 inch pro is good for serious work on the go. Yes, there’s a big price difference. However, I think most people are going to buy the Air then wish they’d wait and bought the 11 either refurbished or renewed off Amazon or EBay. I think it was made to create a new source of revenue for Apple.

  7. I got it gold color. Im very happy. But i bougt a way cheaper keyboard with backlit and its also a case and a matte texture and feels high quality

  8. I’m tempted to get the new 2019 iPad Air because the iPad I’ve got which is specifically the iPad Air 2 is pretty old so that’s one reason I want to get it I also want to get the new iPad Air because of the fact that it has the A12 Bionic chip which is a bit of a joke considering the fact that I’ve got the iPhone X which has the A11 Bionic Chip therefore the iPad Air will be more powerful than my iPhone X although it’s only an air and not a pro BUT WOULD YOU SUGGEST GETTING IT OR NOT ILL PROBABLY GET IT ANYWAY BUT I SUPPOSE IT DEPENDS

  9. iPad pro 10.5 is still a better buy. It only misses the new chip found in 2019 models. Yet the A10X chip from ipad pro still scores higher in gpu & metal. Go figure.. The air 3 is a downgrade in every other way. Older pro has more ram, quad speakers, 120hz display, better cameras etc..the list goes on

  10. I got my iPad Air 3 two days ago, perfect device for Notes 📝 taking; you can also scan documents, split the screen and work with two applications at the same time among other things. I am so ready for fall semester.

  11. $500 for a tablet with 64gb of space? Nope, need at least 128gb which Apple doesn't sell. This tablet will be fine at $350, but it's overpriced today.

  12. Ipad air 2019 is better than iPad pro 2017 basically for 2 things
    1-Its newer
    2-ipad pro 2017 has A10X and 2019 Air A12 Bionic
    Thats it stop crying about which one is better or worth buying

  13. Being mad deep in the Apple wormhole myself I f*cking HATE how Apple force feeds us antequated tech for a premium by taking a step backwards then a small one forward, always massively behind the rest of the market and it's "revolutionary"! 🤮 Why oh why must I be a sheep?!!! 🤦‍♂️

  14. Just had a thought
    What if apple is reusing old parts from iphone xr and ipad pro 2017 and turned it into ipad air 3 since both the products flopped along with apple pencil due to that weird charging method.
    Profitable situation for apple

  15. Apples slow progress is pissing me so of. If you run multiple apps with good data load you run out of memory very fast. 3GB is too little. 8GB is a no brainer and that more expensive. Even good $300 phones have double this much now and you don't do image editing with lots of undo steps.

  16. I borrowed an iPad Air 2 from a friend and honestly, I was impressed.

    Now I‘m looking for an iPad in my budget.

  17. I want to get an iPad Air just to take notes and watch movies or lectures. I thought I don't really need the Pro, because this could work just fine for me. Size is just fine as well. Also works with the Pencil, so I guess that's literally the just right iPad for me. Well thank you for this video.

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