It was a very very GOOD day in the eBay shed

I sell some stuff on eBay.
I buy some stuff at Garage Sales.
Today was a good day.

eBay Stores:

Stuff I Use: (affiliate links)

700 ft. Bubble Wrap:

LED Panel Lights:
4x4x8 Boxes:

Dymo 4XL Label Printer:

MacBook Air:

GoPro Hero 7 Black:

Gorilla Pod:

Deoxit D5:

Vinyl Mailers I use (12.5×12.5 type)

Dymo labels:


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36 thoughts on “It was a very very GOOD day in the eBay shed

  1. I thought you were ill when I couldn't find you then noticed a garage flips video so put that in found different name whew all s well in the world 😀

  2. I realize this is about a week old, but if the cards are in a binder I'd be glad to look through some pictures and give advice on an money cards I see for MTG, but that TCGplayer app that was mentioned is really solid.

  3. Josh they were fishing for a refund. This happens all the time, you will sell something, then all of a sudden it doesn't work when it arrives, I just ask them to open a return and ill refund when the item arrives. Never will hear from them again.

  4. SEC plays NO Defense. Im sorry im just using SEC LOGIC. SEC has been saying the B12 don does not play D for a DECADE or more. Way to get with the times SEC! SEC! SEC!.

  5. I live in New Zealand and because I live rural my packages get collected from my house. My postie NEVER scans my tracked items in. It just gets marked as delivered once it eventually gets there. 2 weeks seems to be the usual time for things here, its ridiculous.

  6. That package missed a scan from the postal employee, it happens to me from time to time , when the package get to destination it’s scanned into the postal service

  7. I list on the phone, you can use the microphone on the phone to make the descriptions. Then just go back and correct the errors. Twice as fast.

  8. I counted 24 packages that didn’t get scanned + then days later it shows up scanned in a city hub

    This happened a few days this week

  9. When Ive had tracking doesnt get updated once I drop off I've gone to USPS online signed up for tracking updates via text and amazing tracking starts showing up usually that same day. Something to try.

  10. Lonnie I installed the LED shop lights today in the back end of my shop. Those bad boys are bright!!! Thanks for the suggestion. I bought them under your link. They will work out great.

  11. Starting working on my death pile of Boxed retro video games.

    1st lesson learned: get a Barcode reader. This is taking forever 😭

  12. Do you ever use anyone part time to take pictures for auctions? It seems like it would be worth it to free up time for you and Candace to go out and source for more product.

  13. You should list the beach balls & floaties locally. Like FB Marketplace or LetGo. Try to break even and free up the shelf space. won’t have to look at them anymore.

  14. Hello Lonnie, I have a question about international shipping. I was shipping an item to the Netherlands and the buyer is asking me to mark the item as a gift. A told him that I wouldn't do that because it didn't sound right. What are your feelings about this? I don't know what the consequences are, if there are any. What do you think?

  15. Hey Lonnie great video! Have you ever thought of expanding your business to wholesale or liquidations? Thanks, Jason J&X Unlimited!

  16. I just recently found a big bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh cards for like $3. Trust me, take the time and research every single card, the following for Yu-Gi-Oh is fanatical nuts and they generally pay. That $3 investment is going to make me $300 in profit after fees, shipping and cost of goods. I had one that had it still been factory sealed, it's asking price started at $1000, I literally almost fell off my chair. However it wasn't factory sealed, so it was only worth $20. Then there was another that was graded a PSA6 – Average that's got numerous sold comps for $100 plus as a PSA6-7.

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