23 thoughts on “Jojo Part 5 REVIEW – Was It Golden?

  1. Animation was bad??? Huh???? It’s literally the best animated part so far. You putting out statements like this just completely discredit your entire argument/opinion in my eyes.

  2. i still do not agree with most of your opinions and i think some of your defenses to your complaints about the show do not make sense. With that said though i will respect your opinions. You wont get people to like or understand everything the way you do but hey I still think part 5 was amazing.

  3. I can hardly agree with the opinion that part 5 is one of the least bizarre parts. I'm even fine with ppl rating it 7/10 (while for me it's 10/10), but that opinion bugs me quite much. I cannot relate to or understand it.
    Anyways, I respect you guys' honest opinions even though I don't agree with some of them.

  4. I think you guys had a very fair opinion. Part 5 is personally my 2nd favorite Jojo part, but I can understand why you guys disliked some aspects from it. Don't let some comments bog you down!!

  5. I have a feeling that they'll fall in love with the Jojo of part 6, not to mention the supporting cast. So excited for Stone Ocean!

  6. I think the animation suffered because of staff troubles. Half the Part 5 staff got dismissed halfway through the season to work on other projects.

    While the part's heavy reliance on it's themes causes it to suffer on a more casual watch, it"s deeper meaning makes it one of the more layered, or "rich" Jojo parts.

    I highly recommend taking an hour to watch Oceaniz's Part 5 analysis.
    He deep dives into the themes and influences of the part, and explains why Sleeping Slaves and Requiem happened.
    I disagree with some of his points, but his vid is a good 9/10.
    His description has timestamps for easier navigation.
    Araki's favourite place in the world is Italy, so he put a ton of depth and history into this Part it takes place in..
    An example of this is Chariot Reqiuem. It's based on the mysterious commisioner of Mozart's incomplete Reqiuem's(who is thought to be death aka inveitable fate ) which blew my mind when I first heard about it.

  7. Personally, I feel the anime gave Giorno MORE personality in the beginning then they did in the manga. Because in the manga, you DON'T get the idea that this kid's a good person, like his whole anti-drug complex was just a last minute add-on by Araki. But in the anime, you get to see Giorno see kids suffering from drugs in the street. Giving a kid an ice cream with the money he stole. AND, in his backstory, reveal that he got his ideals from the gangster that he saved, because HE was anti-drug too. I wish they did more stuff like that as the anime went on, but they certainly filled in gaps.

    On the flip side though. I feel the added scenes only HURT Nero. Because with all of these added scenes of him and his team (but not HIS backstory for some stupid reason), it gives you the false idea that Nero will play a HUGE role in the manga, or even the final battle. And I know DP can't rewrite the manga they're adapting, but having his story end with a one-off fight against Diavolo accomplishing ultimately nothing, kind of makes you wonder why they bothered to add those scenes to begin with. Like, at the VERY least have his face be shown in the Rolling Stones dust too.

  8. I have to say this season 5 it was not bizarre at all bodas de rir pode part 6 is going to be crazy little stuff that I hear reports it done doing their crazy I cannot see your reaction and other YouTubers reaction I just very f**** excited

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