Journey Instruments OF420 Acoustic Guitar Review – Collapsable Travel Guitar Review 🎸

🎸► Journey Instruments OF420 Acoustic Guitar Review – Collapsable Travel Guitar Review 🎸
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Hey guys! Welcome to this Journey Instruments OF420 Travel Guitar Review & Demonstration. When I found out about these guys I was so pumped to try one out. The fact that the guitar can literally fold up in seconds really impressed me, I absolutely love to travel but I hate carrying a massive guitar case around with me so this was a great solution to that. I gave the guitar a road test on my most recent trip to New Zealand and had a great time with it. In the video i’ll provide my thoughts on the guitar and will give guitar an up close demonstration of how it sounds.

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Let me know your thoughts guys! Please note, this is an honest review these thoughts are my own.

-Dave Tran (Your online guitar teacher 😁)



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34 thoughts on “Journey Instruments OF420 Acoustic Guitar Review – Collapsable Travel Guitar Review 🎸

  1. I really wish you could give us a tutorial on an acoustic version of Pittsburgh by The Amity Affliction

    You're awesome btw

  2. Hey Dave can you upload the song on my way by Alan walker…..would appreciate if you teach this song have been learning from your videos from a couple of years…… will wait for it😁

  3. $625 for this guitar seems a bit on the pricy side for what you get. I’ve looked at several of these removable neck travel guitars now and I’ve wanted to like them but just can’t. They don’t seem to resonate as well or sound near as good as any regular guitar. Even though your playing is exceptional, as you are playing it, it just sounds thin. I’ve looked at this model and six others to date and they all seem to almost be overbuilt to make sure they can stand up to travel but that build is a detriment to their sound. Maybe at about a $250 – $300 cost point I might consider one but not for the suggested price. Even a $139 Epiphone DR-100 will give you a better sound. I carry a Fernandez Nomad Deluxe racing flames travel guitar with me when I travel, I’d love to have a decent travel acoustic but haven’t found one worth the asking price, yet.

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