JW Marriott Hong Kong DETAILED Hotel Review

A DETAILED video review of the JW Marriott Hong Kong hotel in Hong Kong China. Join me as we explore one of my favorite hotels anywhere, including the common areas of the hotel, the neighborhood around the hotel, and the inside of one of the two queen bed rooms.


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25 thoughts on “JW Marriott Hong Kong DETAILED Hotel Review

  1. I've only been to Hong Kong once, it was before my dad and I went to Japan in 2012 and we pretty much only went from our hotel to Hong Kong Disneyland and then straight to the airport to transfer flight to Japan.

  2. The views out of the hotel room would be my favorite part! I'm glad to see that the hotel is quite nice. I probably would only stay there with Marriott Rewards points as I bet it is quite expensive!

  3. Hi Chris I absolutely loved your video, your diligence and attention to detail is unrivalled, just the right blend and balance of insight,information and opinion… I have one teeny tiny gripe and, sorry to be a drag,but it did rankle with me slightly that you said Admirality all the way through instead of Admiralty as in..Admiral-tee!
    …anyway I'm a big big fan and recommend you to everyone I know who has an interest in travel.
    You're the market leader as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Great sharing of JW Marriot! I love those two band aid as I usually will buy shoes to wear for dinner at fine dining resto. You know as tourists we usually wear sport shoes for getting around the city! But those little things we girls might probably forgot to bring!

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