Krispy Kreme 2019 | Oxford Block Brick Review Limited Edition

It’s that time again, so sit back, relax and ask yourself why Lego doesn’t make these kind of exclusive sets.

If you don’t know Oxford Block is a Korean brick brand that has been around for ages. Unlike Lego they do have rights to licensed brands but do not sell overseas. I fell in love with them when I found sets that were original and these limited edition ones are just amazing.

We do have this #krispykreme available for a limited time, so if you can’t find them, we’re more than happy to help out.

It’s available here on my store:

Otherwise, you can try to emulate this yourself, if you can with your own bricks. Good luck and let’s see your creation!

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A special thanks to Shriro Hong Kong. If you have any interest in the Macro (close up shots) in the videos please do check them out if you’re interested in Zeiss and be sure to see if they have offices in you’re area (mostly Asia) and ask for demos, because you never know!

More info on the Lens used below:

and the much older 100mm which we can use long term!

About the DJI Osmo Pocket Camera:

For all you camera geeks, details on what I used below (for most of the videos).

Sony’s FS700 with Zeiss FE2.8 4k Raw to pro res. Used for all the extreme close ups.

Sony’s FS5 4k UHD to 4K pro res with Fujinon 18-55mm. Used for my face…

Slow motion was all shot in 2K raw to pro res.

Falcon Eye for all lights.


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15 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme 2019 | Oxford Block Brick Review Limited Edition

  1. This thing is very cool. If it didn't cost as much they would probably sell a lot more…. thanks for another great video!

  2. wow, this Krispy Kreme set is a little bitter than the other one you did a year ago. because this one is more compact with the way it closes into a little box, that's really cool to have. with the stickers on it, wouldn't be better if you took a thin blad and cut the sticker while it sat on the bricks? will that work. it's sooo cute. I don't know which I like better this one or the other one. there's so much detail in the counter and display case with the donuts, boxes and the other things too. love the way the minifigures I have a donut shop that's not far from me to get a dozen freshly made donuts. they're especially tast great when they're just made. but I'm sure you can find a place that has donuts to enjoy.

    but see you later, Scottie.

  3. I got my first package from Scottie today. Excellent! Great packaging! Scottie sent a personal note about my purchase and even included some free gifts. Thank you so much Scottie and Ida. I look forward to future purchases from you. Thank you for your great videos, I enjoy all of them.

  4. #Scottie your videos are wonderful and I like the way you imagine the different sets Unfortunately, my english is so bad that I have to use the Google Translator. Or I write in German and you can then translate it. I am looking forward to many more great videos of you Once I win the lottery, will I visit you at your store or are you online only? Greetings from the North Sea from Germany

  5. This one is cool but works better for a park or mall. I like the other one better as i can fix it and make it a real building

  6. I love this set! I had it in my eBay shopping cart several times but couldn’t do it because of the cost/size. And the stickers are out of control. LOL. IF I were to buy it now knowing you have it, I’d definitely buy it from you. I’ll always check with you first whenever I want an Oxford Set. Thanks for the review!

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