48 thoughts on “LEGO NINJAGO THE MOVIE – SKYBOUND – PART 23 – 28

  1. 28:01 dareth: don’t worry Lloyd we won’t let you down

    Lloyd: dareth you probably would but I hope you don’t


  2. Wu and garmadon did not trap nadakahan in the teapot of tyran because in episode 3 of sky bound captain Soto told the ninjas that he caught the djinn in the teapot

  3. Um .. only one smaaallll very small mistake this monster of greek mythology was supposed to make stone only beeings made of blood and ….. anyway zane is not supposed to become stone he is robot but it doesnt matter it s amazing

  4. Your story is at least as good as the real you are so lucky to have all this lego ….. you are the best

  5. wait a second… couldn't hiroko just change destiny so nadakhan and his sky pirates were no more? i mean, she still IS the master of destiny you know.

  6. 17:06 when that person with the helmet pulled swords it almost hit black hair white bandana girl xD btw AWESOME STOP MOTION FILM

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