Let's Play Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Mode! – Part 01 of 18 – Zhang He Playthrough


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真・三國無双3 Shin Sangokumusō 3, Shin Sangokumusou 3 in Japan

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9 thoughts on “Let's Play Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Mode! – Part 01 of 18 – Zhang He Playthrough

  1. Kicking off with a new playthrough which I originally recorded to provide me with more time to edit Tomb Raider Anniversary! I'm playing Dynasty Warriors 4's Xtreme Mode, a randomizer style of mode! Trying my best to dethrone the almighty Lu Bu! 😩

  2. Pretty much my pronunciations are dominated by DW4 and 5, i basically refuse to call Cao Cao correctly. Hate to sat it shows you remember little of how extreme mode works though, I've played 4 and 5's so damn much I remember loads of the inner mechanics.
    12:27 Very tough call between 4 and 5 for me. 4 is nostalgia and music for sure, 5 technically smoother.
    26:28 My gut feeling for this was always it'd increase every two stages. I just went by tracking health bars.
    36:30 Yup, they do every level. I think reserves also increase in skills but by half rate.

  3. Why would anyone complain about there being effeminate men in a Japanese game? :p I mean, there are plenty of buff guys too, they're just not as interesting tbh. What I'd REALLY like is for a tall, buff female character. I know they SAY Guan Yinping is tough, but she still has the typical small frame. Zhu Rong is prolly the toughest looking female character, but they could go way tougher.

  4. I think Dynasty Warriors 6 was actually really good and had excellent level design. I personally hated DW7 and above because the original development team evaporated and it didn't have the soul of the previous entries.

  5. The reason why I really love your channel is because you review my favorite Playstation games as a kid, thank you Alonzo for everything you've done for us

  6. Definetly something different for your channel, but I am enjoying it so far. I'm looking forward to see how well this series goes.

  7. I wonder why there are 16 ranks to the gain. I was wondering at first if it was something like the amount of ranks in the military, But i cant find much information on ranks within china during the three kingdom period. speaking of modern military though, I think there is 21 ranks to the Chinese army. 20 Ranks to the Imperial Japanese army. 18 in the British. So i think 16 is just a number, Nothing special. 😀

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