46 thoughts on “Let's Play Grow Cube!

  1. So, I had a flashback of beating this game when I was eight and I thought, hmm that seems fun. I tried it again and I couldn't do it anymore, so I watched this and I'm satisfied with the way the game ended. What're you guys watching for?

  2. you have got to try this cause i have been trying this for years and never got it but now i won and i showed my sister i won and she was like how? but it is amazing

  3. i hate minecraft, im rly sick of friends playing kinecraft bcuz they only play minecraft, they wont, come out from house, they nolife minecraft, they dont listen to me, they are not fuck react to me like a friend, they only speak to minecrafters!!! i lose friends so fast!!! FUCK U MINECRAFT!!!!
    sorry for theese words but im rly angry ! >.<

  4. I have a suggestion: do not put here in front of a computer. It's bad for little kids. Also welcome to the Internet, in this place people don't give a fuck about other people. 🙂

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