Let's Play – Rewrite – Common route part 1

Hi! Starting today I will start uploading my playthrough of Key’s latest visual novel, Rewrite. The full english patch was just released today and I will try my best to …

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25 thoughts on “Let's Play – Rewrite – Common route part 1

  1. Hello, for those who are interested in playing the English version of the game, don't hesitate to finance the project via the platform Kickstarter by writing "Digital&Physical Release of the Visual Novel, Rewrite+!" in the search bar of that website, great rewards awaits you. And, finally once again, this game is cool, thank you Ladies and Gentlemen of VisualArt's / Key Sounds Label. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ╲(^o^)╱.

  2. i really love Chihaya's reactions in this game. this is a lot better than anime crappy original route. more than that i don't have to listen to Kotarou's annoying voices .

  3. if only the anime hadn't gone wrong in every single way it could've…

    though I'm pretty glad that the VN is going to come to Steam eventually. It seems a bunch of people think that if it isn't on Steam, you can't read it. (Which you can, but "lolwhatsavn" is the majority of people in this situation.)

  4. So I'm here because the anime is going way too fast and I want more character development :> hihi thank you for making this playlist !

  5. I can imagine for the anime instead of having this aurora background they'll have tennouji walking or having an inner monologue and the animation be grayed out like at the beginning of Clannad. turns to color. queue opening. I swear it would give me such intense goosebumps.

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